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Tourism promotion offers prizes for best travel stories

A new state tourism promotion encourages people to go beyond just putting their New Mexico vacation and other travel stories in their own scrapbooks, but share them as part of an online contest that will earn someone a $5,000 prize, as well as offer weekly prizes of gas cards. The New Mexico Tourism Department’s summer […]

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Indonesia lies at the border between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, allowing her to display one of the largest shoreline in the entire world. Its exotic beaches with fine white
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Buying a House with a First-Time Homebuyer’s Loan Package

After I spoke with Clarisse O’Brian about the first-time homebuyer’s Loan package, I started talking to people who were also connected with the housing market: other lenders, realtors, loan counselors and buyers. The theme song for all of them was the same: first-time homebuyers aren’t savvy enough to avoid the pitfalls and don’t always take the warnings seriously. With a cooling market, and Freddie Mac just announcing that they are longer buying subprime loans, with housing prices at some of the highest points they’ve ever reached and middle-class incomes at a plateau, the costs of getting a first-timer’s package are rising.

The theory behind the loan packages is great. Theory, however, sometimes is staring at the world through some seriously rose tinted glasses. Recent studies by Knight Ridder and similar organizations have found widespread dissatisfaction with the first-time homebuyer’s loan package, and there have continued to be a growing number of people who overdo what they have and can afford. To help you avoid some of these pitfalls, we’ll travel the process and point out, in no particular order, the key elements that the experts think leads to failure. If there is urgent need for cash, then a person can Apply for fast cash loans online at zebraloans. There will be less chances of failure to get the cash and no hidden charges be charged. The process of withdrawal of cash is simple and easy for the interested person to purchase home. 

Essentially, the first-time homebuyer’s loan is a package of several smaller loans and, often, a grant or two. On a conventional mortgage, you’ll have to put down between 5 and 15% of the total price of the house as a down payment, which could run to a $30K investment in a $200,000 house before you even walk in the door. First-time homebuyers, as a rule, are young and still in the lower ranks of work; a $30K payment may be the equivalent of most of a year’s take-home salary to them. Even with FHA underwriting, most mortgages will require a fair amount of up-front cost, which means that long-time renters without significant savings are generally unable to foot the bill. Beyond the down payment, however, you can run into all sorts of additional costs: title fees, taxes, and insurance are only a few of the pricetags that get attached to the selling cost of the home.

The first-time homebuyer’s loan package does away with a great deal of that up-front cost. Essentially, the loan package starts with a conventional fixed-rate mortgage for about 90% of the selling price. A second mortgage (recorded as a second lien against your property) then makes up the difference, meaning that you have little to no down payment to make. The loan may also cover a portion of your closing costs, or a grant may come into play to help there. Finally, the interest rate on the loan is paid down somewhat (one or more “points” are paid) if current rates are high.

To qualify, you will generally have to undergo some form of loan counseling, which will give you some idea of your current assets and liabilities, as well as your current borrowing ability. DO NOT TOSS THIS ASIDE! You will need this later on, when you start talking to a lender and a realtor.

We’ll call this part the “pre-buying” pitfalls, since up until this time no money has actually changed hands or been signed for.


I can’t even begin to estimate the number of people who get themselves into this trap. The lender will plop down a form that outlines how much you can borrow and gives a “maximum home price” somewhere on it. This is the lender’s estimate (sometimes called the “good faith” estimate) of your borrowing power. It’s a legal contract, by the way; the lender is agreeing to lend you up to this amount. However, the lender may not be functioning at a realistic point. In at least one case that I recently dealt with, the lender presumed that the family could use as much as 50% of the take-home pay for the house payment (a safer, and more realistic, guideline is 30%)

The sad thing here is that many young families will do away with other necessities so that they can make the outrageous payments. Buyers I spoke with listed decisions such as having one or more utilities shut off, not going to doctors and not making payments on other loans, such as student debt. In many cases, the families ended up breaking apart due to the financial pressures, and foreclosures still occurred, even with the sacrifices.

To avoid this pitfall, says debt counselor Denise Roberts, do your own math. Most families can handle a monthly house payment of 30 to 35% of the household’s take-home pay, although she cautions that couples who want children will need to factor in the cost of one of the parents not working or of daycare for the little one(s). Once you have that number, ask the lender what amount of mortgage that payment will support. Add 5% to that point and DO NOT exceed this number.

Pre-Buying Pitfall #2: GET A GOOD REALTOR!

A lot of people are suckered into this trap by sellers (or others) who don’t want to have to pay the realtor’s commission. Big error. Your realtor is your confidante, professional muse and person of all good things when it comes to the world of buying a house. Veteran homebuyers may be able to dispense with the realtor’s services; newcomers cannot afford to do so. Besides the minor point that many first-time homebuyers’ loan packages require you to work with a realtor, common sense tells you to get an expert when you’re laying the equivalent of three years’ salary on the table. Your realtor is that expert.

Another side note, get a realtor who doesn’t already represent the seller. Your costs are not going to change if you do, and you can be assured that the realtor is working for you, not your seller/adversary. While some realtors will try to push you into buying at a price above what you want or feel you can handle, good ones realize that pushing too hard leads to no sale, and no commission.

Finding a good realtor is actually easer than you think, says Century 21 realtor Jeremy Crawford. Start by asking friends, family and neighbors. Within a few hours, you’ll have a laundry list of realtors to avoid, and hopefully the names of one or two who are recommended.

Pre Buying Pitfall #3: READ THE FINE PRINT!

A first-time homebuyer’s loan package is a package deal, usually comprised of a conventional mortgage, a second (deferred) mortgage and on e or more grants. Your monthly payments will be based on the primary mortgage, as the second mortgage does not require payment until the first mortgage is retired. The grants act more like forgivable loans than true grants; they disappear a little at a time over the course of several years. Make sure you know what is financing your home!

As an example (and a rather painful one) of this pitfall, I purchased a home some eight years ago in New Mexico under a first-time homebuyer’s loan package. I didn’t read all of the fine print, but rather relied on my lender’s assurances that my house was being financed by a conventional mortgage and two grants. Both of the grants would not have to be repaid if I lived in the house for five years

When I went to sell the house five years after buying it, blithely assuming that what I had been told years ago was true, I found out that one of those “grants” was in fact the second mortgage I’ve mentioned several times. It cut my gain on the house from slightly more than $11,000 to less than $2K.


A recent MSNBC article revealed that some unscrupulous lenders were forcing borrowers to sign agreements that they would use that lender’s bank for financing. The same article also said that some realtors were doing the same thing, in essence forcing the buyer to pay for their services whether they were used or not! Prequalification does not require any contracts to be signed, and your realtor does not need the form that designates him or her as your agent until closing. Asking for your signature, especially if they cannot explain why it is required now rather than later in the process, is a sure sign that you do not want to be associated with these clowns. Find a new group to business with.

What Is The Easiest Way To Play Pokemon Go From Home?

You might have seen or heard stories where people are hunting down pokemon on their office desks, classrooms, and other places. People have been gone mad in the game of pokemon go and obsessed with its gameplay as well. 

We are here stating how you can play pokemon go home without much hassle. Going to the street by street to find pokemon go characters is not everyone’s thing but surely enjoyment you cannot miss on. If you are a pokemon go player and want to enjoy it most easily, consider reading articles until the end as we are showing the easiest way to play pokemon go from home. 

What is pokemon go? How is it played?

Before starting with pokemon go gameplay at home, it is better to grasp what it is and how it is played. Pokemon is Nintendo owned that exploded popularity in the 1990s; however, it is again exploring the same popularity in the modern world. People in 2016 went mad about the game as it is available in android and iOS for free, and that’s why engagement of this platform is at peak.

The game of pokemon go uses your GPS along with your clock for detecting where and when the user is in the game, and with all this information, pokemon appear around the user playing on the phone so that they can catch. Based on location and clock, you can see different types of pokemon as soon as you move around. The thought behind the game is to make people explore the real world to catch the pokemon in-game.  

Pokemon fans always had the fantasy of what if pokemon characters were inhabited in the real world. So, pokemon Go’s idea was to fulfill the fantasy of pokemon fans to see their virtual characters in the real world with the help of the game. 

How to play pokemon go home? 

Pokemon go a game that is more popular because people are running around to see pokemon go characters. The developer of game Niantic has made many home-friendly changes to ease the gameplay for players sitting at home. With the following mentioned changes, people can get started with gameplay at home only.

  • The distance of hunting has become for eggs that have been halved. 
  • pokemon present now more gifts than usual 
  • inventory limit of pokemon go has been reset from 10 to 20
  • the number of spawn in the wild has been increased surely
  • group of 30 incense has been made available in a shop that has been reduced price of the pokecoin as well
  • The duration of the incense has been extended from half an hour to one hour for better gameplay.

These are some of the significant changes that have been made so that pokemon go players can engage in better gameplay at home. So if living at home makes you sick, then you can consider for pokemon go accounts here where you can get started with better gameplay. 

The developers made the latest update in which players were provided a pokecoin bundle, but this time for 100 pokeballs. Now people are provided with Pokeball incense bundles that were made available until March 30; however, these are replaced weekly. When you consider playing pokemon, go home, then you are played with safari zone holders would be receiving for game bonuses. However, to gain all such benefits, you have to ensure that you are completing all the safari tasks, and eight-hour incense needs to be assured from home.  

The completing purpose that everyone can purchase an event ticket for that genesect event was also adapted from home only. A new feature has also been adapted called today’s view that collects a lot of required and effective details like streaks and current events in one place to allow players to have a better game in keeping tabs.

Lugia raid week was eradicated before, and a new update was added to the march 30 new one pokecoin bundle that is also available as a one-time purchase and contains for 50 great balls. If you think you would get bored due to the same Content, then you might be mistaken as contents changing one each week. In April, shadow entei is also provided for saving from Giovanni. People who are a newbie to the game can finish the shadowy threat grows first for enjoying further updates of the game at home.  

As the developer of pokemon goes, Niantic does make the gameplay of pokemon much easier to engage within, so it is worth trying for at home. It can become a perfect choice for pro gamers to engage within who are getting bored at home. pokemon fans can fulfill their desire to have pokemon characters in real world. 

The bottom line

In the bottom line, we can verdict that pokemon go is a perfect thing to enjoy while you are at home. New updates are provided by the developer that allows attaining more benefits such as bonuses with eight-hour incense, and pokecoins can be grabbed surely by one. Pokemon go has numerous online communities that also includes local groups.  People who are sick of boredom then trying for a pokemon go at home would be worth choice surely.

We hope the details mentioned above make sense to you in grasping how you can enjoy the gameplay of pokemon go home only. 

How I Lost Weight with Hip Hop Abs

I know that many people like myself, simply don’t view dancing as exercise. We love the rhythm, we feel the beat, we put on the music and move our feet! So when an exercise program named “Hip Hop Abs” came on the scene, I was of course very interested. I was watching television when the infomercial started. I’m really into fitness and as mentioned, I love to dance, so I watched the infomercial in it’s entirety. I saw loads of people just dancing in concert with the instructor: “Shawn T”. I kept watching and when I saw the before and after photos of the people using this program, you could tell they weren’t just sucking in their stomachs. These were real results! Since I needed to lose a few pounds, I kept watching to see what the low, low price would be. The price was reasonable for a system that only comes with work out discs and I was sold. The entire experience was actually the impetus for writing my article on losing weight while watching TV infomercials. I only had seven pounds to lose, but boy is it hard when you’re down to those last few pounds! I felt that “Hip Hop Abs” would provide the added “Ummp!” to get those hard to shed pounds off. It didn’t disappoint. I was amazed at how much weight I loss, by simply doing something I love.

I started off little by little and worked my way up to doing the forty-five minute tape with the instructor: “Shawn T”. When I first started, I really didn’t think I could work up to forty-five minutes. I must say that you really start to build up endurance and your muscles get stronger with every workout. I also really treasure the ten minute ab disc, because sometimes I just don’t have the time to do more than ten minutes. Trust me, it’s a work-out in and of itself! There were other dance weight loss systems that I noticed after “Hip Hop Abs”. One was “Core Rhythms”. However these workouts seemed too intense and not much like fun or dancing. Also the people didn’t seem real on the infomercial and the instructors look anorexic. I would recommend a system that encourages a fun and healthy activity, that won’t break your bank! It certainly worked for me. Hip Hop Abs is part of the Beach Body system of exercise programs. You can purchase this weight loss system online at: Search for their “best sellers”. You’ll enjoy losing weight like I did, with Hip Hop Abs.

Learn more @ for additional information about hip flexors and other relevant information. It is not enough that you are doing the workout and exercises right. You should also be knowledgeable about the proper method and movement.

Protecting the Spine of School Children

Physical activity is important for the whole family, so we have to be active in sports and recreation.

Prevention of pain and deformity of the spine starts from childhood as you get in touch with back pain specialist Austin, tx for your child. School period is particularly susceptible to changes in the spine ¸ because physical activity decreases, the more time is spent in a sitting position, and we must not ignore the burden of school bags, especially if kids wear it incorrectly. Poor posture of the spine affects the physical and psychological health of the child. Damage breathing, blood circulation, digestion, causing pain, and reduced mobility of the back muscles and shoulders. Such children are apathetic, and without will. It is important to say that the deformities of the spine can no longer be corrected after completing a period of growth, and it quickly develops and worsens in puberty.

To prevent the deformation of the spine there should be more movement in the fresh air. Movement stimulates food for plates between the vertebrae that function as shock absorbers of the spine. Prolonged sitting in front of a TV or computer is fatal for the spine and should be reduced to a minimum. It is recommended to watch TV lying on the floor.

Sport is an ideal means of preventing changes in the spine. If changes have occurred, you should consult your doctor for the selection of sports and he will recommend the sport to help resolve some of the deformity.

The school bag is recommended to be a backpack, the climber type is high enough, with the lower edge of the amount of the buttocks and waist belt. The backpack should be worn on both shoulders, not only one. It is best, if possible, to leave some books and equipment for the school, and only carry necessary.

A chair whose height can be adjusted as needed is an ideal location for learning because it provides back support for the lower back. When it comes to the table, the corners of the upper arm and forearm, leg and thigh and upper leg and the hull should be at 90 degrees. The table should not be too high nor too low. It is good to get up every hour and stretch your legs.

The bed, where the child sleeps, should not be too soft or too hard (like a child lying on the floor). And the selection of anatomical pillows is important. It should follow the curvature of the cervical spine and fill the void when a child lies on his side or back.

Physical activity, movement, sports, and avoiding improper sitting are the basic requirements for maintaining the health of the spine of school children.

Preventing Tartar Buildup

Like neon signs in Vegas, the words, “Tartar Control!” seem be everywhere. But what exactly is tartar and how do you prevent its unsightly buildup?

According to, tartar is formed by the hardening of plaque on teeth. Plaque is a thin film created by the interaction of normal bacteria that live in the mouth and food and beverage particles left on teeth.

The key to preventing tartar is to prevent plaque from forming and hardening on teeth. This is best accomplished by adopting a regular oral hygiene routine consisting of brushing, flossing, rinsing, regular dental visits and making wise food and beverage choices. You also need to have direct contact on an emergency dentistry Batavia IL clinic so that you can immediately go to the clinic once urgent dental issues happen.

  1. Brushing

Brushing frequently and efficiently is the number one way to prevent tartar. The brisk brushing motion and the cleansing affects of toothpaste provides the cleanest mouth possible. Wikipedia explains that the tartar fighting agent is actually an additive called zinc citrate. Look for this additive on toothpaste for tartar fighting properties.

  1. Flossing

Flossing is important for tartar prevention too! Flossing removes food particles stuck between teeth and gums. Left there, these particles feed the normal mouth bacteria and increase their activity thus increasing the formation of plaque and eventually tartar. In addition to the old fashioned floss on a roll there are now flossing picks available. These picks come in a zip tight bag and can easily be kept in a purse of glove compartment for convenient flossing.

  1. Rinses

Mouthwash has routinely been thought of as more of a breath freshener than a preventative tool. However, certain mouthwashes and rinses are another weapon in the arsenal that can be used to prevent tartar.

  1. Regular Dentists Visits

Regular dentist visits are crucial in fighting tartar and evaluating your oral hygiene routine. Since tartar can only be removed by dentists, regular visits will allow your dentist to remove any tartar that may have formed and offer you suggestions about how to better your brushing and flossing.

  1. Other options

Brushing and flossing is the best way to keep your teeth free of tartar. But brushing after every meal is often inconvenient. Thankfully there are other options for keeping your teeth fresh when brushing isn’t convenient.

Apples are a great choice for keep teeth clean and strong. The crisp density of the apple, coupled with the juicy moisture help to rub particles off teeth and stimulate salivation.

Beverages affect tartar buildup too. Sticky drinks like sodas and sugary juices can leave a film on teeth that traps bacteria and other particles. The best choice of beverages is water. Drinking water cleanses teeth and provides a fluoride boost.

Prevention is incredibly important when it comes to dental health, especially tartar buildup. Left alone, plaque will turn into tartar and will require lengthy and uncomfortable dentist visits to remedy. The adoption of a good dental hygiene routine, one that includes brushing, flossing, rinsing and regular dental visits, and smart choices about food and beverage, can effectively prevent tartar buildup.

Using LED Grow Lights To Grow Plants Indoors

A lot of people say that the best way to grow weed is through direct sunlight. While we do agree with this at some point, we don’t believe that this can be a universal rule in planting Marijuana. In some places, direct sunlight can actually be detrimental for Marijuana plants. This is why some growers prefer to have an indoor garden. But here comes the question: are LED grow lights enough to provide life to Marijuana? Here is our answer. The best Cheap led grow light is not bad for your indoor garden.

But just because they aren’t bad doesn’t mean that they are good for your plants as well. So, it is your job as the grower to make everything good. In this article, we are going to teach you a thing or two about LED grow lights that will help you leverage them for your benefit.

The Right Color

There is a lot of misinformation as far as grow lights are concerned. Depending on the color, your grow lights can actually be good or bad to your plants.

We recommend the following grow light colors:

  • Blue LED
  • Red LED
  • UV LED

The reason for this is that most plants absorb these colors that we have just mentioned. It is important to take note that plants don’t really absorb the colors yellow and green pretty well. In that case, getting grow lights that excrete these light colors won’t be good for your plants.

Grow Lights Have Different Intensity For Various Plants

You may need to do ample research on the kind of Marijuana plants that you have in your indoor garden. The reason for this is that the efficiency of your lights would depend on the kind of plants that you have.

Take note that there are various kinds of lights. With that, before you go to the lights market, you need to have done your research already about the plants that you have as well as the appropriate lights for these plants. If you don’t have this information, you can always consult with the seller. These professionals very adept when it comes to these topics.

How Long You Should Keep The Lights On

A lot of growing beginners have trouble deciphering how long they should keep the lights on but this question actually has a pretty simple answer.

To find out how long your lights should be on depends on how much light your plants need. It is recommended that you give your plants 14 to 16 hours of light each day. Make sure that you don’t go overboard. Your plants need just the right amount because they also need time to rest.

The Kind Of Light Size That You Need

If you have foliage and leafy plants then we can truly say that incandescent lighting would be the best one to use. It is an excellent option for people who are planting multiple plants all at once. You need to bear in mind that the larger your light is, the hotter it will get.

A high-Intensity Discharge lamp is also a pretty decent choice but this is not advisable for growers who are on a tight budget since this can get quite expensive.

DIY Hardwood Flooring: Flooring Nailers

Wood flooring is one of the best ways to cover the floors of your home. It’s cost-effective, it’s green and it’s easy to install on your own. But without the right tools, materials, and knowledge, your DIY flooring job can go wrong in a hurry. Use this guide to flooring nailers and find out which flooring nailer is best for you and your DIY wood floor.

Hardwood Vs. Engineered

Whether or not you use hardwood flooring or you use engineered wood flooring, you’ll need to know what type of attachment system your materials use. Some use glue, some use staples or flooring nails while others don’t use any attachment other than an Impact driver. You can find the best cordless impact driver as you click here as well.


Wood flooring installed on raised floors or second story homes already have a wood substrate and are ready to go. No prep is needed other than sweeping and repairing any damaged plywood. Concrete flooring, on the other hand, needs plywood attached to the concrete. A Ramset gun (powder charged nail gun) is used to attach plywood to a concrete floor for good.

Flooring Nailers

Used primarily to nail tongue and groove flooring boards to the flooring substrate, flooring nailers have a large elongated handle, while the base of the gun rests flat on the floor. This prevents the need for bending over to insert a nail into the tongue of the flooring board.

Manual Flooring Nailers- These easy to use flooring nailers use the power of your own arm to drive the flooring nailer into the tongue of the board. A rubber mallet strikes the trigger that drives a nail on a 45-degree angle into the board. It typically takes 2-4 strikes to set each nail.

Pneumatic Floor Nailers- A compression trigger is located at the top of the gun and is engaged using a rubber or nylon mallet. Flooring nailers typically use a stick loaded 1 ½” T-nail, J-nail, or flooring staple. These nailers need a compressor with a minimal pressure of 45-90 psi.

Buying Considerations: When purchasing a flooring nailer, look for an oil-free flooring nail gun to prevent leaving any oil residue on your finished wood floor. Don’t forget the mallet!

When buying a floor nailer that’s manual, you may want to buy a floor nailer that uses a sturdy driving pin made from strong material like magnesium or steel. Plastic mallets should also be avoided.

You may want to consider renting a flooring nailer for smaller projects like this one of a kind nail gun only work for wood flooring.

CBD Oil: What Are The 10 Potential Health Benefits Of Consuming It?

CBD oil is known as cannabidiol, which is used for several purposes and methods. As you can apply it as well as consume it, and this basically depends on you. There are lots of ways to apply it, such as it comes in powdered form, oil form, moisturizer, soft drinks, etc. There are lots of benefits to consuming CBD oil, and in this article, you will be going to read them. CBD oil is generated from the stem of the cannabis plant. It is formulated with coconut oil and hemp oil, so it is appropriate for you to bake food with CBD oil. There are several CBD products through which you can get its benefits. If you are facing a problem while sleeping or experience insomnia, then it is appropriate for you to consume CBD oil. As there are lots of websites through which an individual will easily get products that are infused and formulated with CBD oil. If you want to consume CBD oil, then it is beneficial for you to get a prescription from the doctor. As a reason, consuming and applying CBD oil also gives side-effects, so it is better to get a prescription from a professional doctor. Nonetheless, you can use CBD oil while cooking so that all the nutrition, as well as advantages of consuming it, get attained. 

Moreover, you also have an option to consider CBD oil drinks, which are easily available in the market. The benefit of consuming it is that it will provide you with nutrition as well as remove all the toxic substances out from your body. Now, in the lower section after scrolling down, you will be going to read about the 10 potential health benefits of consuming CBD oil such as:

The 10 potential health benefits of consuming CBD oil:

  • Acne problems
  • Facing anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Muscular pain
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Nerve pain

The above listed are the 10 potential health benefits of consuming CBD oil so that you will be able to get proper treatment as well as nutrition after consuming CBD oil.

What are the side-effects of consuming CBD oil?

When an individual is consuming CBD oil, then there are some side-effects too. As a reason, there are lots of individuals who have faced the problems and side-effects in the first week of consuming CBD oil. In the bottom section, we are going to list some of the common and basic side-effects of consuming CBD oil such as:

  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Mood-swings

The above listed are some of the side-effects which are very common and basic among those people who are consuming CBD oil. Go through them wisely so that you can take precautions as well as become attentive while applying CBD oil. All the important information is listed in the above section so that you can take advantage of it. May this data will become helpful as well as beneficial for you while using a CBD oil. 


Inserting an Image into a Website with HTML

There three elements that make up a website, images, text and links. Although you could make a simple text and link website, adding images can make your website more appealing to the eye and allow you to show your readers what cannot be easily conveyed in words. The ability to add text to your website also allows you to create photo galleries, slideshow, and profile pictures. When uploading your image files to your webhost account it is a good idea to keep all you images in an “images” file for organization purposes. You can insert images from your site or from other sites on the web as long as you have the url for the image file.

It is important to understand copyright law when it pertains to images on the internet. If you are linking a photo from another site or copying and pasting it into your file, you must make sure that you either have rights to the image or that the image is open source. I am not a copyright expert and advise you to proceed with caution. You can face serious fines if you use an image that you have no authority to use. A rule of thumb I use is to only use images and graphics I produce, or images and graphics that are expressly labeled as open source.

The html tag used to insert an image into your website is a singular tag. That means that it does not contain an open and closing tag. There are three main elements to an image tag, the image file source, image size, and alternate text.

HTML format is the safest form of tag that is available today which comes in very handy for cyber experts to complete their task and the preventivo sito web has to be catchy so as to look good to others and the images would be clear to the naked eye.

The image file source would be either the exact file name within your site, or the exact url of the image held in a different site on the internet. For example, if you have an image of a dog with a file name of “dog.jpg” in the “images” file of your site the file name would be written as “images/dog.jpg”. If this file was held on a different site on the internet the source file would be “”.

When creating an image to post on a website it is important to make the image file large so that all the important details of the image are captured. However, if your image is 100 pixels by 1000 pixels it would cover your entire page. You can resize you image by defining the width and height. For example, if you wanted to resize your image to 100×100 pixels you would write it as width=”100″ height=”100″.

The alternate text is text that would appear if the image failed to load. The alternate text also allows you to add key words for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google index your site based on the text in your site. However, if a page has little text, alternate text will allow the search engines to index your site page based on the key words inserted in your image alternate text. It is important that you do not neglect adding alternate text to your images. To add alternate text to the image you would type alt=”dog”. The entire text would be written as follows…

It is important that the elements of the code are included as shown with the / gt; included for xhtml otherwise you will get the dreaded “image cannot be displayed” warning when loading your website.

Make Your Pokemon Go Account Powerful with These Simple Tips

If you are a fanatic Pokemon Go player, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with simple ways to make your pokemon Go account more powerful. 

Pidgey Stacking

For you to get access to both the tools you need to catch Pokemon and the higher level ones, it is crucial to increase the level of your trainer. However, leveling your trainer up can be a slow task. This is now where Pidgey stacking comes into the picture. Basically, Pidgey stacking will help you boost your trainer by at least one level. The good thing is, this method is very easy and simple. All you have to do is to get lots of Pidgey and a lucky egg. By collecting loads of these two items, you can trade your pidgey in the resulting Pidgeotto to start collecting candies to do it again.

Eevee Evolution

Another way to make your account grow is through Eevee evolution. This Pokemon is considered to be one of the most powerful and easier to get characters in the game. This Pokemon has 3 different evolved forms in the game. First, it can become the fire-based Flareon. Second, it can become the electricity-based Jolteo and lastly, it can become water-based Vaporeon. These pokemoms are considered to be solid in the game and that could help players win tournaments. Hence, make sure to catch this powerful Pokemon.

Hidden Value Calculations

Another thing you should be aware of is that not all Pokemon are equally created. Also, not 2 Pokemons of the same form are equal as well. Each Pokemon has a series of hidden values that determines the level of HP and CP. Additionally; Pokemons have their secret energy rating. This dictates the time process of a Pokemon’s special attack energy bar to fill up. So for you to take advantage of this, make sure to carefully calculate the hidden values of your monsters. This will give you a competitive advantage.

Hatch Eggs

It is also an advantage to hatch eggs frequently. Bsically, hatching eggs is considered as one of the effective methods to get Powerful Pokemon in the game. But the problem is, if you don’t walk for your commute in your daily work routine, it can be difficult for you to clock up the kilometers needed to incubate your eggs. But the good news is that, there is another way to hatch eggs. You can leave your smartphone plugged in on a desk and that your location wanders around. This will give you chance to hatch your eggs.

Appearance Map

You should also take advantage of the feature of the game called Pokemon appearance maps. This particular feature allows you to see where Pokemons are and for how long at any given time. Since this feature gives you the specific location, it will be easier for you to catch them all. 

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