Warning On Texture Packs For Minecraft – Do Not Ignore Warnings

Texture packs change the entire view of your world on Minecraft. You can get texture packs that change the appearance to emulate just about anything you enjoy. You can make Minecraft look as though you are looking or digging around a world of pies or Assassin’s Creed or a futuristic space station. Whatever type of texture you want to add to Minecraft you can likely find a texture for it. That being said, you need to be careful when you download texture packs as they are executable code and can contain viruses that will harm your computer.

Research the Texture Packs and the Creators

Don’t be afraid to look into the people who have created the texture packs before you download them. If you are looking at user generated packs that are available for free, you need to know where they come from. You wouldn’t eat candy from a stranger and you should not upload an executable file onto your computer without knowing at least something about it. There should always be screen shots of the texture pack available at the point of download and you should be able to run it through a scan. If you don’t you are running the risk of a major infection.

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Pay for Your Packs

Pay packs are usually created by larger companies and come with the guarantee of the reputation of the company. This means you are taking less of a risk. It is still advisable to make sure your virus software is up-to-date and that you run a scan before you actually execute the file. You can always check out the companies online and verify not only their history of texture packs but where your money goes.

Check in with Fellow Players

Finally, ask your Minecraft friends. Everyone is out there downloading and creating and you can ask about various texture packs before you get involved. The great thing about the community is that people are usually quick to post announcements if there is a problem pack making the rounds. You should find a few forum and boards to belong to. This will help you know ahead of time if a texture pack is worth downloading as well as the reliability of the pack. Sometimes texture packs can make the game run slowly or cause other damage, so be sure to do your research.