Top 15 Holiday Stress Buster Movies

Top 15 Holiday Stress Buster Movies

Christmas time might be the most wonderful time of the year……,but… also can be the most stressful time of the year…..depends on who you are talking to.

Believe it or not……There are few superhumans who somehow figured out how to have totally stress-free holidays….I am NOT one of them.

Top 15 Holiday Stress Buster Movies

So, if you are one of those people who figured it out… let me know what your secret is.

Anyway, first three weeks in December my life is a total chaos…..three weeks before Christmas is the only time I do not live in Organized Chaos…..yes, even daily organized chaos gets disorganized and stressed before Winter Holidays.

My “To Do” list gets so long that I need to find a way to get some quiet time…..collect my thoughts…..recharge my batteries…..turn off the voices in my head….

I am not a big TV watcher, but in December almost every night after the kids are fast asleep I find my escape from holiday hustle and bustle with W Network Holiday Movies.

I make myself a big mug of creamy hot chocolate, grab a couple of Christmas cookies, and curl up on the couch with either my husband (if he’s home) or my fluffy blanket. I also make sure that my room looks and smells calm by lighting a salt lamp, which I assume my husband had bought a long time back from here – online sellers similar to The Lamp Life. Though I could be wrong about that assumption, if you’re interested, you can look for similar lamps on such websites.

Watching holidays movies always gets me in festive mood. Most of the Christmas movies I love to watch are not the big Hollywood production….big screen….award winning movies, but good feel….Hallmark….Made for TV movies.

Top 15 Holiday Stress Buster Movies

These holiday movies don’t have big Hollywood budget and special effects….They always come with a message….silver lining or with the feeling of being grateful for what I have.

I decided to share with you TOP 15 HOLIDAY MOVIES I really enjoy every holiday season. Some of these Christmas movies are really sappy….some are funny and some will have you reach for tissue box, but all of them help me relax and give me strength to go on till the holidays are over….hope they will do the same for you.

My Top 15 Holiday Stress Buster Movies for Overworked Moms:

  1. Home By Christmas (2006) – Linda Hamilton, Rob Stewart
  2. Borrowed Hearts (1997) – Roma Downey, Erick McCormack, Hector Elizondo
  3. Eve’s Christmas (2004) – Elisa Donovan, Sebastian Spence, Cheryl Ladd
  4. All She Wants For Christmas (2006)
  5. Santa Baby (2006) – Jenny McCarthy, Ivan Sergei, George Wendt
  6. Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) – Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, Markie Post
  7. Will You Merry Me? (2008) – Wendie Malick, Cynthia Stevenson
  8. Moonlight and Mistletoe (2008) – Tom Arnold, Candace Cameron Bure
  9. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (2008) – Henry Winkler, Brooke Burns
  10. Santa Baby 2 (2009) – Jenny McCarthy, Dean McDermott, Paul Sorvino
  11. On Strike For Christmas (2010) – Daphne Zuniga, David Sutcliffe
  12. Night Before the Night Before Christmas (2010) – Jennifer Beals, Rick Roberts
  13. The Town That Christmas Forgot (2010) – Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts
  14. The Santa Suit (2010) – Kevin Sorbo
  15. Mrs. Miracle (2009) – Doris Roberts, James Van Der Beek, Erin Karpluk

I watch most of these Christmas movies again and again with my kids while we decorate cookies or just having a little afternoon siesta. There is something about holidays movies that puts everybody into festive and giving mood.

Do you have a favorite stress-buster activity while getting ready for the holidays?