A Comprehensive Guide To The Fortnite Account Merge Feature And What Happened Afterward

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The world of video games has gained immense popularity over the last few years and one such game that stands out from the rest is ‘Fortnite’. It is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games and first released in 2017, which became an instant hit among gamers. In 2019, Epic Games introduced the Account Merge feature to allow players to merge multiple accounts into one single account with all their progress intact. This article will explore what exactly the Fortnite Account Merge feature is and what happened afterward.     

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The primary purpose behind introducing this black knight fortnite feature was to let players move content they purchased or earned across different platforms. Imagine having two separate accounts – one on Xbox One and another on PlayStation 4 – both with different skins, V-Bucks, etc., but you don’t want to start playing again from scratch as you’ve already invested time & money in both accounts; this is where the Fortnite Account Merge function comes in handy! 

What is Fortnite Account Merge? 

This feature allows you to merge two separate accounts into a single account with all of its contents combined, without losing any items or data from either account. All you need are two eligible sources to merge your accounts, namely a Primary Console (the console you will play on after the merge) and a Secondary Console (the console whose contents will be transferred to the Primary Console). 

How does it work? 

To initiate an account merge, users must link their secondary account to their primary account via Epic’s website while logging in with a valid console sign-in, such as an Xbox Live or Sony Entertainment Network username and password. Once linked, players can select which content they wish to keep and transfer it to their primary console and platform within 30 days of initiating the process before it automatically expires. Any remaining V-Bucks or other items that couldn’t be transferred earlier due to lack of space on the primary console will remain locked until additional space becomes available on the primary console.  

Can I change my primary platform after merging accounts? 

Yes, users will be able to change their default primary platform at any time after they have merged their accounts, provided they meet certain criteria set by Epic Games, such as having enough storage space on the new console, linking the appropriate game profile, etc. However, making too many changes may cause problems with future logins, resulting in the loss of all previously earned progress and purchases made on the secondary console, so be careful when switching consoles after merging accounts!  

Limitations of the Account Merge feature    

One limitation of this feature is that only up to three previous generation consoles can be used to merge accounts, so currently only PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/Xbox One are supported by this method, and not other platforms apart from PC & Mac (as these use separate authentication). In addition, some purchased content may not appear immediately after a successful merge, as it takes some time for it to appear in the newly merged account, mostly due to server load issues rather than a technical glitch within the system itself; however, these should appear eventually once the servers are stable again!  

What happened to the feature after it was introduced?  

After its launch, there were reports of various bug exploits that allowed players to access locked features such as V-Bucks or cosmetics without actually purchasing them with real money; however, these bugs were fixed soon enough, followed by the proper rollout of an updated version containing multiple bug fixes, including the aforementioned ones, thus greatly improving the overall user experience! Unfortunately, however, due to the high influx of requests for server-related tasks during peak hours, there were minor delays in processing certain requests, resulting in some features being temporarily disabled briefly until the issue was fully resolved – as seen recently during the major event release, when servers went down temporarily, causing frustration among fans who wanted to get their hands on the latest updates right away, instead of having to wait longer than usual before getting the chance to do so!  

merging accounts


In conclusion, we can say that despite some initial hiccups faced when rolling out the new version with several bug fixes, Fortnite Account Merge remains a popular choice amongst gamers who want to combine multiple platforms into one cohesive unit without worrying about data loss at all! It certainly makes life easier for those looking to switch between consoles often, providing a seamless transition every time, and making for even more fun for everyone involved!