Virginia Beach Restaurant Guide

Virginia Beach Restaurant Guide

Virginia beach is part and parcel of the state of Virginia’s beach communities but has the distinction of featuring a record-winning pleasure beach strip. Tourists flock to this venue with a resort feel, and the three neighborhoods that almost always are featured front and center in a travel itinerary are Hilltop, Lynnhaven and the Resort Area, which is also referred to as the Boardwalk. Not surprisingly, the demand for a budget-conscious Virginia Beach restaurant guide is high.

Virginia Beach Restaurant Guide

Hilltop Eateries
Visit Laskin Road, where the majority of Hilltop restaurants are located, but do not be afraid to branch out onto Colonial Road or Hilltop Plaza. Budget travelers should check out the Virginia Steak House at 620 First Colonial Road and the Guadalajara at 509 Hilltop Plaza. If money is no object and you can afford a more expensive evening out on the town, check out Otani—an Asian eatery–at 1532 Laskin Road. Most restaurants on Laskin Road are mid-level venues, where a plate might run right around $15.

Virginia Beach Restaurant GuideLynnhaven Venues
Check out Marina Shores Drive and also West Great Neck Road, where quite a few of the Lynnhaven restaurants are located. The Green Oak Pub on 2253 West Great Neck Road and Don Julio’s on 3656 Shore Drive offer the cheapest eats in this area. High-end restaurants include the Trade-winds seafood eatery at 2800 Shore Drive, One Fish Two Fish on 2105 West Great Neck Road and Croakers’ on 3629 Shore Drive. More reasonably priced seafood is available from the Dockside Inn at 3311 Shore Drive, where a typical plate costs about $15.

Virginia Beach Restaurant GuideResort Area—a.k.a. Boardwalk
Oceanfront is one of the main thoroughfares in the Resort Area, and, as such, a good many restaurants are located in this venue. The majority of locales are mid-level eateries, such as the Courtyard Cafe, which serves seafood, on 25th and Oceanfront, or the Ammos Authentic Greek restaurant on 14th and Oceanfront. Expensive seafood may be had at the Fish Bones Buffet on 13th and Oceanfront or the Galley on 1401 Atlantic Avenue. The Belvedere Coffee Shop features the cheapest eats on 36th and Oceanfront.



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