QTelevision has a global audience and vast reach across the internet. I you want to develop your business; we recommend you to advertise with us and let our audience know about your product and services.

You have multiple packages to choose from:

  1. Top Banner Advertisement

You get an ad space near the top of the home page. It is very accessible and clickable.


$250/month or $45/week.

  1. In-article Advertisement

Your ad will be between the articles. This ensures that people see it.


$250/month or $45/week

  1. Big Banner

Your ad will pop up on our home screen. This is most likely to gather attention


$750/month or $250/ week

  1. Article featuring your product

We will write a product review or recommendation article for your product and publish it on the homepage of our site.

These articles very intriguing and people are usually driven by them. You can get one for yourself at following rates,

Hundred words article: $100

Two hundred-and-fifty words article: $180

Hundred words article with pictures: $200

Two hundred-and-fifty words article: $300

  1. Via E-mail

We have a lot of subscribers who receive Emails about our updates and articles. We can promote your product via these Emails. Rates are as follows,

For a week: $200 per mail

For fifteen days: $150 per mail

For a month: $120 per mail

You can also select lesser mails that will cost $250 dollars per mail.

  1. Become our only Advertiser

We guarantee that our readers will notice your ad but we can also reinforce your product if you choose to be our only advertiser.

You have to inform us at least two month prior.

Rates for this are $5000 for a month

$20000 for six months.

If you are interested in advertising with us you can contact: