Yo-Yo Dieting

There are so many diets to choose from. Nearly every magazine I pick up has an article on dieting, and promises of quick weight loss. I know that permanent weight loss is only achieved by careful attention to both diet and exercise; that it takes planning and slow, steady weight loss. However, there is the sub-conscious thought that this time it just might work; that this fad diet is somehow a breakthrough which will allow me quick and effortless weight loss. I won’t need to count calories, spend a lot of time in the gym or months to gain the benefits I am seeking. This is the thought process of the yo-yo dieter.

Oftentimes a fad diet does work. Sometimes I can shed ten, fifteen or even twenty pounds in several months only to regain it in half of the time it took me to lose the weight. And, even worse, oftentimes the weight gain is more than the weight loss.

I know that yo-yo dieting is not good. I know that fad diets are not a solution to permanent, or healthy weight loss. But I have as yet not figured out why I continue to deceive myself. Why do I return to such a destructive behavior?

Each time I begin a fad diet, and the pounds begin to drop, I am rewarded. What a thrill to step onto the scale to see it falling. I am encouraged to continue whatever fad diet I am on until either I feel quite comfortable in the amount of weight loss I have achieved, or until I become totally involved in some other life issue which takes me away from my weight loss efforts.

I know I am not alone in this. I know many others who struggle with this same behavior. I have seen countless articles on yo-yo dieting and how so many people fall into this category. What I have not seen is a way to break this cycle. The dieting plans should be prepared after paying visit at https://www.artofwarquotes.com/leptitox-review/ site to gather all the essential information. Different categories can be formed through the people to reduce the fat from the body. The behavior of the people should be great to meet with the needs. 

Making a choice to follow a healthier lifestyle, to pay more attention to nutrition not a diet, adopting a regular exercise routine, these are all steps to eliminate yo-yo dieting. It sounds so simple, so understandable, and, actually it is. The difficult step is to make the decision, the choice, to make lifestyle changes. As with any change, it may take a way to establish these changes into a new daily routine. Perhaps a journal, a chart, making a contact with yourself, a partner, spouse or friend would help. Creating a way to establish regular reporting, either to yourself or someone else, may help establish new lifestyle patterns or behavior.

Understanding the habit of yo-yo dieting is not enough to change this habit. The only way to lose weight permanently and safely is slow, steady concentrated effort. Making a commitment to healthy nutrition and regular exercise is the answer. The pounds may not be lost as quickly as with fad diets, but knowing that they are being lost, and that you are living a healthier life should help to encourage you. The regular exercise may even cause the loss of fat, building of muscle and better fitting clothes as well as improved over all health. What do you have to lose?