Weight Loss Support Groups in Houston, Texas

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows it can be a hard, long process with a lots of ups and downs. Having a network of support can be vital in your achieving your weight loss goals. I have found some great support groups right here in Houston, Texas to help you on your weight loss path. Some ups and downs can be noticed when people is consuming the resurge pills. The establishing of the goals is necessary to get effective results in excessive weight reduction from the body. Experts assistance can be taken to select the right pills for reducing the weight with ups and downs.

1) Weight Watchers 

This nationally known weight loss giant has helped many people reach their weight loss goals. Not only do they offer recipes, food and nutrition plans but they have wonderful support groups. If you check out their website www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx you will see where you can search for local support groups by zip code. The calendar will list local Houston groups and the day they meet and time, you will even see a place to click on them to contact them individually for more information.

2) Exercise Friends.com 

On their website you will see they have message boards, events and groups for weight loss support. On their home page of their website here www.exercisefriends.com/home.aspx you will see where you can search Houston, Texas and find support groups that are convenient for you. The chat rooms and message boards are also great for weight loss and exercise tips. This is an excellent website if you are very interested in exercise and nutrition they have some wonderful information.

3) Methodist Weight Management Center

This center ran by Methodist Hospital has been helping patients in Houston, Texas lose weight for 25 years. At www.methodisthealth.com/tmhs/wmc.do you will see they have weight loss programs, blogs, newsletters, diet and nutrition and much more. When you click on the patient section you will see four locations for their support groups click on whichever one is the best location for you. This is where you will see a detailed calendar for that location including their group times and what topics will be discussed at that meeting.

4) Weight Loss Meet up Groups

At this website on the home page www.meetup.com/find/ you will see it is solely devoted to finding a group in the area you are specifically searching for. After you choose weight loss you search from your zip code and it will bring up a list of weight loss support groups. I tried a zip code by my home and my husbands work and came up with quite a few options since Houston is such a large city. They have some excellent groups that will also help you find a group if you have special interests like a raw food diet.

5) spark people.com

When visiting this website at I was pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful information they have to offer. They have tools to help with nutrition, diet and fitness plans, calorie counters and a large support community. They have support groups that they call spark teams where you can find a weight loss support group by age, weight issue or medical condition. You can see all the have to offer at sparkpeople.com/myspark/community_home.asp

With all of these helpful weight loss support groups I have found her in Houston you will have all the support and inspiration you need to meet any weight loss goal you have.