Natural Remedies For Sleep Disorder – Know about the natural remedies

Just when you thought there were no solutions to chronic fatigue and inability to get a good nights rest, there comes a new sleeping pill to solve your problems. However, is this the only option? Fortunately, it’s not! More and more holistic options are becoming popular and proving to be just as effective as taking medication for sleep disorders. Turns out that most sleep disorders can be cured holistically using herbs, crating sleep rituals, and consciously adjusting your sleep pattern under the guidance of a medical practitioner from Gwinnett Sleep ( or like clinics.

One way to beat insomnia is taking the time to examine what keeps you up. Removing things like bright lights, tv’s and radios away from the bedroom can create a more calming sleep environment. Stimulating our minds and senses as we are trying to rest, leads to improper sleep practices and should be avoided. Also, bold colored pictures above, or around the bed along with bright colors on the walls or bedding can trigger ones brain into staying awake. Stick to soft neutral tones in the bedroom and keep pictures minimal. If you think about it, we spend most of our time in bed so why shouldn’t that be the most comfortable area in the house? Invest in your bedding and create your own cloud of relaxation.

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Another way to battle insomnia is to adjust your sleep habits. Some people eat or drink before bed however, this can not only lead to weight gain, but will cause you to wake up during the night resulting in loss of sleep. According to Dr. Andrew Weil “Lifestyle can also affect insomnia- studies have shown the alcohol and caffeine intake, along with cigarettes before bedtime disrupts sleep, as can excessive napping in the afternoon or evening.” So just when you decide to reach for that nightcap shot after dinner, you may want to reconsider.

Listening to white noise as you rest is another useful tactic for falling asleep.

It has been proven that while in the womb, we are use to hearing the natural beat of our mothers heart which stimulates our sense of comfort. Recreating this calming effect can be done using a fan to create a constant stream of white noise. There are also recordings that can be purchased, of natural, soothing sounds such as rain, wind or wildlife. This process is a way to customize your own personal sleep ritual.

Ingesting certain herbs can also induce sleep. According to Christopher Hobbs L.Ac., “Chamomile is a sedative herb that can be used on adults and is mild enough for children. It can be taken as tea or by concentrated drops. Lavender oil can be added to warm baths and also in bedding. The aroma has been proven to have a relaxing effect on individuals when used. If you find you need something a bit stronger, kava kava is not only a sedative, but a mild muscle relaxant. It can also so come in the form of tea or droplets.

Insomnia is a problem that can have serious effects on our health and well being. Getting to the root of the situation and understanding your surroundings is a very important process for creating your own oasis. Do your research and find what natural solution works for you. But by all, means, do not feel like you have to resort to taking prescription drugs. Your solution can be as easy as one, two, tea!