Medical Cannabis Law Throughout The World

It’s a widely known and understood fact that medical cannabis usage, and cannabis usage overall is gaining increased acceptance worldwide, but it’s probably not as well know what the general state of global affairs are from a legal standpoint worldwide. Here we’ll take a brief look at the state of medical cannabis law throughout the world, as well as its general legality.

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Almost everybody is aware that most states within the United States lawfully permit medical cannabis at this point. Medical cannabis culture in the USA is huge. From California in the West to Massachusetts (where people often source their cannabis products from online dispensaries like HiBrid Co- find the store here) in the north, to all the way to the nation’s capital city of the District of Columbia in the East, more and more of the United States’ citizens are gaining access to medical cannabis each successive year.

However, access to medical marijuana is controlled through prescriptions and a medical marijuana card, which can be obtained from a cannabis dr for conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, nausea, and others that can be relieved through the use of cannabis. It won’t be long before the whole country legalizes overall if the populace has their way.

Just to the North of the United States, nationwide medical access has long been established in Canada. There are many a canada cannabis dispensary that cater to customers looking for medical as well as recreational marijuana. It should be noted, however, that full legal status for cannabis was provided by the Canadian government only recently. Until 2018, it was a plant that largely fell under the legalization debate, as is common in many other countries even today. Canadian citizens under their laws enjoy fairly unrestricted medicinal access to cannabis in a wide variety of forms, including whole flower, concentrates, edibles, hashes, and tinctures, just like most people in the United States that have medical. Canadians can purchase the above-listed products online at buymyweedonline or other such cannabis dispensaries found in the country. Ordering online may be convenient since such products can be delivered to their homes. Make no mistake, Canadians have just as much passion for medical cannabis as the Americans south of them do.

Going South within the Americas, we see that cannabis is illegal in a few places, but overall its mostly decriminalized through the western hemisphere. As a matter of fact, it’s fully legal in Uruguay currently, with other South American countries looking like they’ll be soon to follow suit in the pursuit of cannabis legalization. Overall the Americas are looking pretty good for medical cannabis law, and cannabis law overall, with conditions looking to improve over the coming years.


Laws and attitudes towards cannabis vary greatly in African countries. With the general consensus being that it’s not so good being caught as a cannabis user. Cameroon has laws that allow AIDS patients to use the plant medicinally. In Mozambique, attitudes are pretty lax despite it being illegal. You’ll likely only face a fine or warning if you’re caught as a cannabis user in the country.


Most of Asia is a no go for cannabis use. In most places its highly illegal and punishable by death. India and Australia are the exceptions to this region of the world, with both having

fairly lax attitudes towards cannabis. Australia has a medical cannabis affirmative defence, however it doesn’t really have formal medical cannabis policy. In India cannabis is pretty highly regarded and widely used, though it is illegal in the country. Despite this, it’s not stopping cannabis from being the most popular drug in these countries and throughout the region overall.


Medical cannabis is widely legal and accepted under most national law within Europe. The best known jurisdiction providing medical cannabis within the EU shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s the Netherlands. The policies are very patient friendly, and this medical status within the country is actually in addition to the well known fact that cannabis is generally legal for all adults within the country. Belgium also has good medical cannabis law among other countries within Europe. With changing cultures though we should expect that the whole continent will be becoming much more cannabis friendly soon.