How Your Child Can Play Tennis Safe?

Tennis is a physical game that involves a lot of movement and quick reflexes. It is a game that requires the players to be active and 100% fit. At the same time, you need to have the right gear in order to play tennis. Having the right equipment and gear not only ensures a better performance, but also helps you to be safe. You can prevent unwanted injuries while playing.

Children love playing tennis because it is fun and packed with a lot of excitement. So, if you are planning to assist your child to learn tennis, you can take help from some tennis videos available online. Familiarizing them with the basics of this game at home, before sending them to professional coaching would work in boosting their confidence. But before starting, you should first focus on a few safety tips. What are they? Let’s find them out in this blog.

  • Safe Tennis Gear

First things first, you have to focus on the right tennis gear for your child. Here are the most important gear that you need to invest in –

  • Racquet

there are different types of racquets that are meant to be used in different levels of the sport. You can talk to a tennis expert and consult with them regarding which is the right racquet size for your child. It should also match with the child’s skill level. An improper racquet can significantly increase the risk of a shoulder or elbow injury. Also, it can affect the right grip.

  • Sneakers

the right tennis shoes are very important. You need to buy shoes depending on a lot of factors – surface, stability, comfort, balance, etc. You have to buy a shoe that will prevent your child’s ankle from rolling or sliding sideways. In case your child is going to play on a hard tennis court, then you have to find a shoe that offers extra comfort and grip for stability.

  • Socks

Yes! You will also have to buy a good pair of socks for your child. The best tennis socks are made of premium synthetic fabric which helps the feet to remain dry and prevents any blister. Many tennis players also use two socks to get better support levels.

  • Safe Tennis Training

Once your child is equipped with the right gear, you need to focus on safe tennis training –

  • Take your child for a sports physical test before sending him to training.
  • Make sure he/she is in good shape.
  • Ask your child to warm up and stretch really well before going for a match.
  • Make sure that the trainer is focusing on proper techniques
  • Stop your child’s training immediately if he/she feels any pain anywhere in the body. Get them checked by soon.
  • Safe Play

Here are some more safety tips that you should follow to keep your child safe at all times –

  • Make sure that your child knows all the rules of the game thoroughly.
  • Double check the condition of the court on which your child will play.
  • Always carry a first aid kit along with yourself during training or matches.
  • Ask your child to drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Give your child proper rest all over the week to prevent the muscles from getting fatigued over time.