Training Program Gaining Dry Muscle

Training Program Goal :

Quickly develop dense muscle and shapely, retaining maximum muscle definition.

Training Program features:

– Training program Ratio: bodybuilding 75% / Cardio 25%

– Type of exercises: Base 50% / Insulation 50%

– Weights: heavy 50% / Moderate 50%

– Average Rest time: 1min30

– Average training session: 1h.


– Basic exercises stimulate maximum anabolic response and thus can increase the volume (Examples: the squat, the bench press, bar curl, Cable row…), and to do all this you just have to try d-bal reddit.

– Isolation exercises will help to “define” the muscle when the explosive force decreases at the end of the training. Muscle saturation and burning at the end of the training ensure a good secretion of growth hormone (GH). (Examples: the curl in concentration, kick back, extensions to the pulley, leg extension, etc…)

– Decreasing sets: Use 3 different loads, even for the sets without time rest you can start from the heaviest to the lightest while increasing the number of repetitions.

– Superset: Chain two different exercises in the same set whether they are antagonists or agonists. Start with the movement of the weakest muscle for more results.

Do not forget:

To gain more dry muscle in this training program it’s recommended to use techniques for intensification heavy loads and basic exercises. The key point for this purpose is intense congestion. Water is the major component of muscles (75-80%), regular hydration (2.5 to 3l per day) during the day is essential to get good congestion.

Stretching is allowing better recovery and also increases muscle volume.

Specifics of this training program :

To take maximum dry muscle, you have to train hard and often but you have also to keep improving muscle quality by adjusting and reducing the body fat level with a little cardio.

At the training level, we must make a workout equal between basic exercises with heavy loads and isolation exercises with moderate loads manner Decreasing/superset.

Start the sets with an average load, then quickly use a maximum load until exhaustion. And finish with a little light set.

The second part of the training with the exercises of insulation using a superset or decreasing method.

The maximum intensity of this type of training requires average rest of approximately 90 Sec and an average time of the workout 1h.

Training program

Day 1: Chest / Biceps

Day 2: Shoulders / Quadriceps

Day 3: Cardio.

Day 4: Back / Triceps

Day 5: Hamstrings / Calves / Abs

Day 6: recovery

Day 7: recovery

Day 1

Muscles Exercises Sets Reps Rest Chest Bench press 4 15-10-10-12 90s Incline press 3 Decreasing 2 min Dips 2 Max 2 min Butterfly 3 12 90s Biceps EZ Bar Curl / bar straight Curls (Superset) 4 10/12 90s Alternating Curls 4 10 90s Larry Scott. 3 18 2 min

Day 2

Muscles Exercises Sets Reps Rest Shoulders Front to raise 3 12 90s Upright row 2 10 90s Side to raise 3 10 1 min Bent over raise 3 12 1 min Quadriceps Squats 4 12 2 min Curl Legs 3 Decreasing 2 min

Day 3:

Cardio: 40 minutes at moderate speed + jump rope or punching bag: 5 times 1 min on high intensity with the 20s of rest between sets.

Day 4

Muscles Exercises Sets Reps Rest Back Lat to pull down 4 12 90s Neck pulldown 3 10 90s Bent over barbell row/ T-Bar Row (superset) 3 12/12 2 min Dumbell row 3 Dégressives 2 min Triceps Lying triceps extension 4 12 90s Triceps pushdown 3 Dégressives 2 min Dips.