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Training Program Gaining Dry Muscle

Training Program Goal : Quickly develop dense muscle and shapely, retaining maximum muscle definition. Training Program features: – Training program Ratio: bodybuilding 75% / Cardio 25% – Type of exercises: Base 50% / Insulation 50% – Weights: heavy 50% / Moderate 50% – Average Rest time: 1min30 – Average training session: 1h. Definition: – Basic […]

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Looking Into Bodybuilding Diets For Cutting A Ripped Body

Thinking of building good muscle? Want to get ripped and get well-cut muscles? Well, before you start, we just want to tell you that getting yourself wasted in the gym isn’t the best thing you’d want to do. For well-built lean muscle, you need bodybuilding diets for cutting through your body and getting you what […]

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