Bodybuilding Tips For Shoulders

These Bodybuilding Tips for the Shoulders will help widen your frame to give you a V shape appearance as mentioned on . The muscle groups for the shoulder can be broken down into three main muscles…

  • Anterior head (front head of the shoulder)
  • Medial head (middle head of the shoulder)
  • Posterior head (rear head of the shoulder)

One of the misconceptions with building the shoulders is that people like to start with there strongest head first when developing the shoulders and finishing with the weakest. For most people, the strongest head of the shoulder is the front head. So people usually start with a military press and end with the weakest head of the shoulder which is the rear head.

For great bodybuilding tips that you can use in every muscle group, especially with the shoulders is to start your workout by doing the weakest muscle group first. So if you are weak in your rear head of the shoulders, start with them first and finish with your strongest muscle.

Now lets get to the exercises for the shoulders, starting with the front head of the shoulder and moving on backwards.

Military Press

This exercise has two main variations for execution. The first is the behind the head military press. This exercise will stimulate all three heads of the shoulder.

The second is the in front of the head military press, which will stimulate more of the front and middle head of the shoulder. You can perform this exercise either standing or seated and with a barbell or dumbbells.

A few great bodybuilding tips for the military press is to lower the weight and perform this exercise with slower reps. The reps time should be 3 seconds up, 1 second pause, and 3 seconds to lower. You will find this will be a lot harder then if you went fast and with heavier weight because you will be contracting and engaging the muscle more in this slower reps technique.

Another great tip is to always keep your back vertical when performing the military press. If you have your back at an angle, you are no longer doing a military press but instead an extreme incline bench press where you are taking the focus off the shoulders and putting the stress more on the chest.

Front Raise

This is a great exercise for developing the front head of the shoulder. Some variations for the front raise are…

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbell (one at a time)
  • Dumbbell (both at the same time)
  • Cable

Some bodybuilding tips for the front raise is to perform the dumbbell front raise seated. This way you will not be able to swing your arms using momentum thus preventing you from cheating.

Another tip is to use light weight in order to keep your form and slow down your reps so that you will be able to contract and engage your muscles with greater success.

Lateral Raises

When you have your body vertical and lift your arms straight out from your sides, you will be working the middle head of your shoulders. When you bend over at the waist at a 90 degree angle and lift your arms straight out to the sides, you will be putting more stress on the rear head of the shoulders. You can perform these exercises with either dumbbells or cables.

One of the more important bodybuilding tips for the lateral raise that targets the middle head of the shoulders is to always keep your elbows slightly facing upward. This will put most of the stress on the middle head of the shoulder.

When performing the bent over lateral raise for the rear head of the shoulders, make sure you do not have your elbows too close to the body because you will put more stress on the back muscles instead of the rear head of the shoulders. This is one of the more under rated bodybuilding tips for the bent over lateral raise and should be practiced with good form so that you will place more stress on the rear head of the shoulders.

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