Back Pain Treatments Surgery And Injections

One of the treatments for back pain is called a trigger point injection. A trigger point injection is where anesthetic is injected into muscles to relieve back pain. There can be more than one injection administered at a time. The point of the anesthetic is to deaden the area surrounding the point where the pain seems to generate. The treatment of the CBD oil for pain is the best one and provides the results as per the requirement. There are different results available with the consumption of the cannabis oil. You can get the treatment to have the desired results. No availability of pain is possible in the joints. 

Another type of injection is the facet injection. The facet joint is where two vertebrae meet and the joint enables you to use your spine for motion. The facet injection usually is a steroid, but it can be an anesthetic too like the trigger point injection. The difference is the facet injection is done on an outpatient basis using fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy enables the physician to watch where the injection is reaching in the joint. You can only get temporary relief from pain of course. Both injections are just treatments and not cures.

Surgery For Back Pain

Deciding whether to have back surgery can be a major decision. Everyone’s heard the war stories about surgeries gone wrong or surgeries that don’t result in less back pain, but that is true for any type of surgery. Surgery has helped many back pain sufferers with permanent pain reduction when it’s clear what is causing the pain. You don’t ever have to feel forced to choose surgery unless there’s a chance of paralysis if you don’t have it.

The good news is that by the time you decide to have surgery, you’ve probably been through a complete battery of tests and have tried numerous other back pain programs to relieve your back pain. That means surgery has become the last alternative and appears to be the one that will work in your situation. I highly advise you to get other opinions, no matter how good you think your doctor may be. The reason is because the cause of back pain can be so elusive. You certainly want to avoid surgery if it seems more like a guesswork solution.