Treatment By An Oxford Chiropractor Can Really Help Lower Back Pain

Over the years there have been many scientific studies into chiropractic treatment, there has (as with all scientific studies) not been on definitive answer!

Some Oxford university scientific studies prove that Oxford chiropractic treatment is an effective treatment for lower back pain and the National Health Institute recommends chiropractic treatment for this condition. A pain in the lower back will either come from the muscles, bones, joints or nerves; any pain that lasts less than 3 months is referred to as acute back pain. Any longer than this and it’s then known as sub-acute/chronic back pain which can affect a person more than acute back pain.

The Department of Health’s report, ‘The Musculoskeletal Services Framework for England’ refers to chiropractic as a treatment option for musculoskeletal conditions (conditions that affect the muscles, bones and joints). Musculosketal conditions are as mentioned before what back pain originates from.

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There is however limited evidence to support the fact that an Oxford chiropractor can cure symptoms such as migraines and headaches, commonly the research conflicts. There are occasions where patients that visit an Oxford Chiropractic clinic do find their migraine goes but there is little evidence to support these claims. Nowadays Chiropractic is accepted by healthcare professionals worldwide as a conventional medical treatment more research and evidence is still required.

These are the unwanted, but mostly mild and temporary effects of a successful treatment. Sometimes after patients visit an Oxford Chiropractors Clinic they do experience very mild and temporary side effects. These include very mild pain in the back, slight stiffness of the back and slight tiredness. These will only last 2 days at the most and many patients feel the benefits of seeing an Oxford Chiropractor massively outweigh the mild, occasional side effects.

There have been reported cases that spinal manipulation used on the neck can have severe complications, such as a stroke. However, these cases have not been proved as the result of seeing a chiropractic clinic, the likelihood the patient had an underlying health issue. Many people in the UK suffer from heart disease but are not aware of it. This means it’s always recommended that you see your local doctor for a check up before seeing an Oxford Chiropractor, this way you know before hand you are fit enough for treatment.

Oxford Chiropractors ca definitely aid with ay back or joint pain that you suffer with. If you currently suffer with these conditions you should see a Oxford Chiropractic Clinic today. This article, Treatment By An Oxford Chiropractor Can Really Help Lower Back Pain has free reprint rights.