Male Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping, or nose jobs, is one of the most popular male cosmetic surgeries. Many men have undergone or plan to undergo rhinoplasty. There are many reasons for this. It ranges from health reasons for injured or poorly formed noses to vanity.

Not that there is anything wrong with vanity. And pleasing one’s self is not the only reason for the surgery. Attractiveness in men often translates into a better career and more opportunities for advancement. And just like a Face Lift, rhinoplasty can be considered a very easy and simple procedure.

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries for men, rhinoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis that you can check out as you [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]click here. It takes one to three hours to complete. Of course, trickier surgeries take more time than others. Most of the time, surgeons use the Open Rhinoplasty Technique. The doctor lifts the skin away in order to work with the bone and cartilage. It is returned after reshaping. Oftentimes, this also improves the breathing of the person undergoing surgery because many surgeons also perform septorhinoplasty simultaneously. It unblocks the nasal septum, which relieves hardships in breathing.

Splint and nasal packing hold the nose in place. The patient checks in the clinic every few days and after two weeks everything is removed.

Rhinoplasty is different between genders. A man’s nose and bone structure are very different from a woman’s. But it doesn’t end there, women like delicate small noses while men prefer a nose that fits their face and that can show dominance. Plastic surgeons have to be careful. They mustn’t let the nose look pinched or narrowed.

This is one of the risks associated with male rhinoplasty. Doctors often deal with women’s noses so much that they become unfamiliar with men’s noses. If he isn’t careful, your nose could look like a woman’s. But this is merely a cosmetic risk. There are other risks that have more danger. One thing to note, men have tougher bones than women. There is more chance of nasal trauma when the bone filling was used in the procedure. Swelling can also be much more apparent in men than in women. Apart from those the risks between genders are the same.

Remember, this procedure can’t be undergone whenever one feels like it. There are requirements. First is age. You must be over 16 to qualify for it. If you are under 16, your nose cartilage is still growing. Reshaping the nose during this time is not advisable. It can do more harm than good at this stage. Weak cartilages can’t handle the stress of this male cosmetic surgery. It’s not good to focus solely on looks when deciding on a rhinoplasty. A gorgeous nose that won’t let you breathe is foolish. Be realistic in your expectations and desires.

A rhinoplasty is a simple cosmetic surgery for men. With the right expectations, it is as risk-free as any surgery can get. It also provides the added benefit of better breathing. It is no wonder that this is popular.