Dating Married Women – What Things Are Being Considered?

In the U.S. statistics indicate that between 15-20% of married women date men other than their husbands. That means some 45 million plus American females are willing to get involved in adulterous relationships.

While these numbers may look good for guys keen on dating married women, maybe we should weigh up both the advantages and accompanying problems associated with having an affair with a woman who’s married.

What are some of the advantages of dating married women?

# At the top of the list, when dating a married woman, is the fact that you’ll most likely have some of the best intimate physical relationships you’ve ever experienced. Women who are willing to have an extra-marital affair aren’t necessarily searching for love, romance or attachment, it’s more of a physical outlet for them. It’s about the human pheromones that are passed between one another causing that strong attraction. And guys, because they are committed to the sexual, not emotional, aspects of the relationship, you will probably find this is the best sex you’ll ever have! If that’s what you’re after.

# There’s an element of secrecy. Dating a married woman adds a certain touch of excitement or ‘cloak and dagger’ to the relationship. Maybe you’ll meet her in the park during your lunch break or even sneak away for a ‘naughty’ weekend now and then. No matter how or where you have these secret rendezvous, a sense of danger adds spice to the illicit affair.

# Generally speaking, because your relationship is about sex, the married woman you’re dating isn’t free to really get involved with you. The affair won’t have all the emotional entanglements that ‘normal’ types of dating relationships often possess. Your married lover won’t expect you to get involved in the details or dramas of her life. In fact, the opposite is true. The more you know, the more she risks being found out, so she’ll more than likely to keep your secret relationship under ‘lock and key’.

# Another advantage, even though it might seem a bit stingy, is that you won’t have to fork out a lot of cash in the relationship. Aside from, say, the cost of a motel now and then, you won’t have normal dating expenses. You can’t take her to a restaurant as she may bump into somebody she knows. Also, you can’t really buy her romantic gifts and maybe jewelry because her husband might become suspicious. If you want to date a married woman, then some things are considered for the compatibility. For the selection of the right woman, read more at the official website to know about the compatibility. The requirements of the people should match with the requirements of the husband. Do not bump into the person; know about the likes and dislikes.

# One final plus about dating married women is that some single women may start to find you more attractive. After all, if a woman is willing to risk her marriage for you, you must be something special! You’ve got the whole “alpha male” thing working for you!

Of course, it’s not all milk and honey, there are a few problems with dating a married woman.

# This disadvantage of dating married women is rather ironic. It’s very uncommon for most men, who are seeing a woman for any length of time, not develop some sort of emotional attachment. What do you do if you fall in love with the woman with whom you’re having the affair? It does happen! If she’s not in a position to leave her husband, which is most likely the case, you may end up heartbroken.

# Finally, there is a moral dilemma that needs consideration. You run the risk of breaking up a family! What started as a casual, sexual affair might escalate into something that ends up having life-long consequences for your married lover’s family and, more importantly, her children. Are you prepared to accept the responsibility should this take place?

All in all, you have to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of dating married women. You need to be clear on why you want to be in a relationship where the stakes are high. Is it love or lust? Just be sure you know what you’re getting into beforehand, and perhaps, start thinking above your waist-line!