Before Buying a Dog: Things Every Dog Lover Should Know

Dogs are cute, cuddly, friendly and fun. Who couldn’t love them? The fact is that because dogs are so lovable, many people rush into getting one before they are ready. Let’s face it: Puppies are irresistibly cute, but they are also require a lot of time and hard work. So before you buy the cute puppy at the pet store, or go to the local animal shelter, make sure you really are ready for the responsibility of owning a dog.

Things you need to know:

  1. Dogs cost money. This might seem fairly obvious, but do you know how much? How much it will cost depends on what type of dog you get, how big the dog is, etc. Before you decide on getting a dog, do the research. Its very easy to do, you can look online, go to a pet store, and call your local veterinarian. When you think about how much money the dog is going to cost, make sure you think about more than just food and water. Your dog is going to need a place to sleep, this will either be a dog house or dog bed depending on whether or not it is an indoor or out door dog. The dog will need to be de-wormed, taken to the vet occasionally, etc. Your dog will also need a collar, a leash and probably some toys.
  1. Dogs take time. Owning a dog is a lot of responsibility, you can’t just play with it when you want to and ignore it when you don’t. In exchange for the love, loyalty and friendship a dog can give you, you have to give him the same. Take a real honest look at how much spare time you have. Do you potty train a dog? To walk him when he needs it? To take him to the park? Do you have time to feed him, water him, and take him to the vet as needed? Other things you will need to consider is how long the dog will be left at home. Is there someone there to care for it while you are away? Many dogs, especially puppies don’t like to be left alone. You need to ask yourself if you are prepared to take the time necessary to train and care for a dog.
  1. Puppies don’t stay puppies. Yes, puppies are adorable, cute, playful and fun, but they grow up into big dogs, which while still cute, aren’t as cute. Don’t buy a puppy just because its cute. Buying a dog is a life long commitment. In exchange for the unconditional love and loyalty your dog will give you, you have to be willing to give him the care and attention he needs.

In addition, you should also give some time and effort in training your dog. The good news is there are some training tools that you can use to effectively teach your dog. One of the most popular training device is barx buddy. You can check barx buddy review for more information.


If you wait until you really are ready for a dog, both you and your dog will be much happier and your dog will have a much better life. A huge reason that dogs end up in animal shelters, or dumped off on the street, is because people make the mistake of rushing into something they aren’t ready for. So please, make sure you are ready for your first dog.


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