What constitutes safe and healthy Detox Diet?

What do gorgeous celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce or Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? Well, apart from their iconic stardom and stunning beauty, they are also great advocates of Detox diet. 

Put simply, Detox diet is a diet that helps you to flush out the toxins from the body. A multitude of health issues are caused by pent up harmful toxins inside the body. Detox diet is strategically designed to get rid of these unwanted substances so that you can enjoy strong disease-free health. Are you too looking forward to try out Detox diet? Well, much to your convenience, here is a post that shares a brief on the overall notion of Detox diet.

What comprises a Detox diet plan?

Now, there’re no set guidelines on the absolute food list of a detox diet. The healthiest programs allow food from all sorts of food groups as identified in USDA and HHS nutritional guidelines. These include fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat/fat-free dairy, grains, healthy oils and protein foods.

However, most of the detox plans limit intake of lean meats, vegetables and fruits. In other words, solid food is mostly avoided. The best plans usually focus on juice and detox drinks. You can check out [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]https://www.srsmiami.com/ to know more about Detox beverages.

Now, there are certain foods that you must absolutely avoid if you are into a Detox plan. These include processed foods like refined pasta or bread and lunchmeat. You will also need to avoid foods which contain excess sodium or added sugar.

Popular Detox diet plans

Detox plans can be many and varied. Here is a brief on two of the most popular plans-

  • Juice Diet

This juice cleansing diet involves only vegetable and fruit juices over the entire course of the diet.

  • Master Cleanse

This 10-day diet plan comprises of a powerful concoction made with a bunch of nutritious fruits and spices. The juice includes maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper.

Steps to follow for Detox program:

  • Proceed with a thorough consultation with your physician or/and nutritionist. They will help you to find the most suitable detox plan based on your medical history and Detox needs.
  • Cut off on intake of stimulants like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, you should rather focus on herbal tea, lemon water or just plain water.
  • Beware of toxin removal symptoms such as, headaches, nausea or vomiting. Don’t worry, these are temporary side-effects.

  • It’s advised not to cut off on solid food completely. Pure Detox plan that focuses only on juices and beverages can’t offer you the needed daily dose of proteins and carbohydrates. So, ask your doctor/nutritionist about healthy solid food and their right proportions that can assure you your daily nutrition.
  • Please refrain from exercising when you are into a Detox diet plan. Due to less calorie intake, you will soon get fatigued if you work out.

You will get back to solid food after you complete your Detox course. But proceed gradually as any abrupt meal plan here will disturb your entire system.