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Protecting the Spine of School Children

Physical activity is important for the whole family, so we have to be active in sports and recreation.

Prevention of pain and deformity of the spine starts from childhood as you get in touch with back pain specialist Austin, tx for your child. School period is particularly susceptible to changes in the spine ¸ because physical activity decreases, the more time is spent in a sitting position, and we must not ignore the burden of school bags, especially if kids wear it incorrectly. Poor posture of the spine affects the physical and psychological health of the child. Damage breathing, blood circulation, digestion, causing pain, and reduced mobility of the back muscles and shoulders. Such children are apathetic, and without will. It is important to say that the deformities of the spine can no longer be corrected after completing a period of growth, and it quickly develops and worsens in puberty.

To prevent the deformation of the spine there should be more movement in the fresh air. Movement stimulates food for plates between the vertebrae that function as shock absorbers of the spine. Prolonged sitting in front of a TV or computer is fatal for the spine and should be reduced to a minimum. It is recommended to watch TV lying on the floor.

Sport is an ideal means of preventing changes in the spine. If changes have occurred, you should consult your doctor for the selection of sports and he will recommend the sport to help resolve some of the deformity.

The school bag is recommended to be a backpack, the climber type is high enough, with the lower edge of the amount of the buttocks and waist belt. The backpack should be worn on both shoulders, not only one. It is best, if possible, to leave some books and equipment for the school, and only carry necessary.

A chair whose height can be adjusted as needed is an ideal location for learning because it provides back support for the lower back. When it comes to the table, the corners of the upper arm and forearm, leg and thigh and upper leg and the hull should be at 90 degrees. The table should not be too high nor too low. It is good to get up every hour and stretch your legs.

The bed, where the child sleeps, should not be too soft or too hard (like a child lying on the floor). And the selection of anatomical pillows is important. It should follow the curvature of the cervical spine and fill the void when a child lies on his side or back.

Physical activity, movement, sports, and avoiding improper sitting are the basic requirements for maintaining the health of the spine of school children.


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