How I Lost Weight with Hip Hop Abs

I know that many people like myself, simply don’t view dancing as exercise. We love the rhythm, we feel the beat, we put on the music and move our feet! So when an exercise program named “Hip Hop Abs” came on the scene, I was of course very interested. I was watching television when the infomercial started. I’m really into fitness and as mentioned, I love to dance, so I watched the infomercial in it’s entirety. I saw loads of people just dancing in concert with the instructor: “Shawn T”. I kept watching and when I saw the before and after photos of the people using this program, you could tell they weren’t just sucking in their stomachs. These were real results! Since I needed to lose a few pounds, I kept watching to see what the low, low price would be. The price was reasonable for a system that only comes with work out discs and I was sold. The entire experience was actually the impetus for writing my article on losing weight while watching TV infomercials. I only had seven pounds to lose, but boy is it hard when you’re down to those last few pounds! I felt that “Hip Hop Abs” would provide the added “Ummp!” to get those hard to shed pounds off. It didn’t disappoint. I was amazed at how much weight I loss, by simply doing something I love.

I started off little by little and worked my way up to doing the forty-five minute tape with the instructor: “Shawn T”. When I first started, I really didn’t think I could work up to forty-five minutes. I must say that you really start to build up endurance and your muscles get stronger with every workout. I also really treasure the ten minute ab disc, because sometimes I just don’t have the time to do more than ten minutes. Trust me, it’s a work-out in and of itself! There were other dance weight loss systems that I noticed after “Hip Hop Abs”. One was “Core Rhythms”. However these workouts seemed too intense and not much like fun or dancing. Also the people didn’t seem real on the infomercial and the instructors look anorexic. I would recommend a system that encourages a fun and healthy activity, that won’t break your bank! It certainly worked for me. Hip Hop Abs is part of the Beach Body system of exercise programs. You can purchase this weight loss system online at: Search for their “best sellers”. You’ll enjoy losing weight like I did, with Hip Hop Abs.

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