How to Lose Weight for Free

Yes, you can lose weight for free, even though the diet industry makes millions (if not billions) of dollars every year. While some weight loss products and plans do have very enticing ads, you don’t need to spend your money.
Here are just a few tips for losing weight for free, without spending extra money on special “diet” products or on expensive coolsculpting treatments for abdomen.

Cook your own diet food.

I know it’s more convenient when you buy those pretty little packages from the supermarket, but what do those frozen diet food containers really have in them? Less food!

You don’t have to spend more money for less food. Just cook it yourself. You can make up a whole week’s worth of lunch and dinner meals and stick them in your freezer. You not only spend less money, you also have only one cooking mess to clean up all week. And you won’t have to throw away all those cardboard boxes and plastic trays the commercial meals come in.

Make your own diet shakes.

Your own shakes will be more nutritious, and taste better too. And they’ll usually cost less, as well.

For instance, the Three-Hour Diet shakes have 200 calories, and lots of ingredients you can’t pronounce, but they’re mostly milk and milk products with a few chemicals thrown in to keep them “fresh.” You can make your own delicious strawberry smoothie by blending one cup of unsweetened yogurt, one half cup of frozen whole strawberries, and a teaspoon of honey.

Your delicious shake will have about 211 calories. And you’ll actually look forward to eating it. And you won’t have to sign up for the shakes to be delivered along with the rest of the items on the program’s menu, for $20.00 a day. To make your shake even less expensive, substitute fat-free milk for the yogurt. Your shake will be a little thinner, but it will still be delicious.

Take up a walking program for exercise.

Gym fees are expensive, and lots of people who pay the sign-up fees and monthly dues never really use the gym – it just becomes one more reason to feel guilty, and one more reason to feel stressed.

Instead, put on your most comfortable shoes and take a walk. Even better, grab your dog’s leash and take him with you. It has been proven that up to three times as many people stick with their walking program if they do it for their dog’s well-being instead of their own. At the end of this year you could be 20 pounds lighter without making any changes in your diet, and without paying out any money at all for the exercise.

Take up meditation.

If you can’t seem to give up large portions or fattening foods, you may be in the grips of sugar or fat addiction, or you may be eating compulsively. These habits can seem impossible to break, but they’re not. Instead of heading to the nearest hypnotist or counselor, try some simple meditation techniques to instill mindfull self-control.

Whether you need to lose a few pounds, or a lot, keep your wallet in your pocket while you melt off the pounds. You can lose weight for free.