10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

If you are anything like me one of your New Year resolutions was to lose some weight and get healthier.

Making a weight loss resolution is the easy part. The hard part is to keep the weight loss going weeks later.

Being a busy mom taking care of family…..working…..making sure that everyone else is healthy doesn’t make it easy to stick to your weight loss resolution. It’ hard to find time for regular and healthy meals…..To fit exercise into busy schedule is a hard task.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

Suddenly summer is here. The extra weight is too. We wish that we would stick to our weigh loss resolution 5 months ago.

Sounds familiar? I was there before. Year after year…… after year….. Same old story.

This year I am prepared to follow through to lose some weight and get healthier. It won’t be easy, but there are little weight loss tricks that can help along the way.

#1 Chew Gum – while cooking or baking. It will save you from eating extra 300 or more calories during the day.

#2 Buy Smaller Size Clothing – just one piece and use it to measure your progress and to keep the weight loss momentum going. After it fits buy another item one size smaller.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions#3 Buy Snacks For Your Family – don’t buy your favorite snacks. Buy snacks that your family loves and you are not very fond of. They won’t be upset about the lack of snacks and you will be on your way to get healthier.

#4 Cook Bigger Meals – to avoid eating unhealthy foods every time you cook healthy soup or pot of chili make a little more and freeze it in single servings. When hunger strikes you don’t have to reach for bag of chips or plate of nachos. You can reheat your single portion meal in a snap.

#5 Use Your Time Wisely – if you spend hours every week sitting around while waiting for your children during their figure skating, hockey, soccer or other activities you can use this time for a brisk walk or power walk around the neighborhood . I am sure your children won’t mind mom getting some exercise at the same time they are.

#6 Keep Food Diary – this will help you prevent late night snacking. When you get the urge to munch after 7pm just look inside your diary and see how much calories you already consumed. It won’t stop you all the time, but in a long run it will help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

#7 Call Your Friend – if you are dying to eat something that is really bad for you and there is no way you can say no just pick up the phone and call someone. You will interrupt your thinking process and you will forget abut the craving.

#8 Drink Cold Water – if you feel hungry just gulp down a large glass of ice water. Sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger.

#9 Start Small Project – like cleaning out the junk drawer, organizing your Tupperware, cleaning out the closet will help you from boredom overeating.

#10 Load Up On Veggies – make sure most of your main meals includes vegetables. The fiber in vegetables is important for speeding up your metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight. Load up half of your plate or more with vegetables and you’re not only lose the weight , but you will get healthier and more energetic.