Flat Stomach Exercises You Should Be Doing

As you go about the goal to get six pack abs, there are a few flat stomach exercises that you must be paying attention to. By ensuring that these are included as part of your program, you can feel confident that you are on your way to success.

Along with the best weight loss pills, you can perform some exercises. The performance of the good exercise will provide impressive results on the health. The boosting of the confidence of the people is possible with the consumption of the right products. Learning about the program is essential to get effective results.

Since getting a flat stomach is something that most people do work towards but also something that many people struggle with, it’s vital that you get a firm understanding of exactly what has to happen for you to see the results you’re after.

Here are the top flat stomach exercises that you should be consider.

Lying Leg Raises

The first flat stomach exercise that will quickly get you good results are lying leg raises. This movement is nice since it’s going to really put a lot of emphasis on those lower abs, which is the area that most people do experience a high amount of problems with.

When doing this movement be sure to keep that lower back pressed flat against the floor though, as if it rises up you could begin to experience back pain as a result.

Floor Ab Press-Ins

Next, another untraditional flat stomach exercise that will allow you to gain more control of those abs is the floor ab press-in. For this one you simply lie flat down on the floor with the arms stretched out and the legs extended beneath you.

From there, think of pressing the small of your lower back into the floor as hard as possible while tilting the hips upwards. Hold this position for about a minute and then relax again.

What this is going to do is shift the spinal column in the right position so that the stomach is sucked in and the abs are firm. Try and get a good feeling for this position as you’re lying there and then maintain that position all the time when you’re up and walking around.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Finally, the third flat stomach exercise to include in your plan is an exercise ball crunch. Since this movement will allow you to use a greater range of motion, this means it will work more total muscle fibers.

If you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, lift one leg directly off the floor and straighten the knee while you perform it. Now that your balance is really shaken, the abs will have to work twice as hard to maintain your body position.

So there you have the top flat stomach exercises that you should consider including in your ab workout. Do these three times per week as part of your overall workout plan.

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