Complications And Risks Of Plastic Surgery – Know About The Risks

The risks of plastic surgery can be very alarming because of the numerous, negative health effects. Depending on the intricacy of the procedure, the risk and complication may be mild or serious. Some people visit the Laura Prepon plastic surgery clinic, while others seek consultation and cosmetic surgery from various centers. Regardless of the location, patients should understand the risk that comes with this procedure.

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Risks of Plastic Surgery You Need To Know


Bleeding is common in any form of surgery, and some patients may suffer from a blood clot due to plastic surgery. Hematomas are painful, and these can cause serious damages when left untreated. Those who fail to seek treatment for hematoma can disrupt the flow of blood and circulation of oxygen around the affected area. When this happens, the skin can become swollen, inflamed, or infected. Hematomas contracted due to plastic surgery should be treated as promptly as possible.


This is a term for dead skin, a condition when the skin is damaged and becomes infected severely. Necrosis occurs because of poor oxygen supply to the area that undergone a surgical procedure. This condition is typical among those who had tummy tucks, face-lifts and breast reductions. Smokers who go through plastic surgery are risk factors for necrosis because they have less oxygen supply, as compared to non-smokers. Early intervention is necessary, and patients will have to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment.


It is common for people to have scars after plastic surgery. This usually occurs when the incisions do not heal completely, and the skin ends up developing a thick edge with granule-like tissue. Plastic surgeons tend to make incisions in areas where scars will be less noticeable. In most cases, these scars may decrease or diminish after several months or years.

Allergic Reaction

Allergies are typically caused by anesthesia, particularly to those who are not tolerant to the drug. Although this is a rare incidence, some patients tend to have serious allergic reactions due to the anesthesia applied to them. There are serious or mild allergic reactions, and some may experience sore throat or nausea.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is another common occurrence due to plastic surgery. The severity of the nerve damage depends on the extensiveness and the length of the procedure. Some patients experience mild to severe tingling or numbness, while others may lose sensation or paralysis of the muscles. This damage may be temporary or permanent, and it can be treated by using reconstructive surgery.

How To Prevent Risks Due To Plastic Surgery
When undergoing cosmetic surgery, it is important for patients to find a certified and skilled plastic surgeon (like those at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, for instance). The surgeon should have a license and certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Extensive work experience is also an essential credential for surgeons, and they should be licensed by a notable medical facility.

Before patients undergo plastic surgery, they should also consult their doctor for possible risks. Those who have high blood pressure, heart ailments, breathing problems, and other medical conditions should obtain a recommendation from their doctor prior to surgery.