Do It Yourself Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

You most probably don’t believe that there are effective natural remedies for tinnitus that you can implement yourself. Well, there are. And if you take the time to actually apply them and take them seriously, you might very well experience relief you didn’t think was possible.

Before starting any home remedy, you may need to visit a local clinic and opt for a tinnitus assessment to know about the severity of the problem. Nowadays, many solutions are being offered to relieve tinnitus. However, if you want to avoid risky surgery and drugs, you might want to look into natural remedies to relieve you of that annoying ringing in the ears.

Have you tried a number of remedies for tinnitus without success, and are desperate for some peace and quiet in your life?

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Are you aware that studies show a very high connection between tinnitus and stress? When the brain is under stress, it has a tendency to interpret ordinary, common, everyday sounds as fearful – and the tinnitus becomes worse. Therefore managing stress is a critical and very important factor to tinnitus relief.

Below are some relaxation therapies that are natural remedies for tinnitus:

Yoga to Stop Ringing in Ears

Calming the mind using yoga, specifically a spiritual type like Kundalini yoga, is said to be beneficial. The “Karna Pidasana” is a Kundalini pose where the knees press both ears.

Please do not attempt this pose without a qualified yoga teacher. You might get injured!

Yoga is about overall health and while not every pose will impact the ears, there are other poses that will treat tinnitus.

Interestingly, the benefits of yoga in correlation to tinnitus is backed by a study that was done by Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine. It was led by Dr. Chris Streeter, who is a neurologist, psychiatrist and a yoga practitioner.

The study showed that GABA levels increased by 27% after a 60-minute yoga session focused on asanas (yoga postures), compared to the control group who were instructed to read magazines or books.

The importance of the study lies in this: Some research shows that tinnitus is produced by arbitrary electrical signals. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter in the brain that slows down electrical activity. Therefore, an increase in GABA levels results in a reduction of tinnitus.

Can Mindful Meditation Stop Tinnitus?

Meditation also seems to help and is another remedy for tinnitus. But not just any meditation. Called “mindful meditation,” this method teaches the individual to stop from time to time and face up to their fearful thoughts about tinnitus, instead of avoiding it.

Scans show that when the brain tries to fight the relentless noise in the ears, it becomes worse. You’ve probably heard that whatever you focus on expands. So by making the brain accept and not dwell on the tinnitus, the individual becomes less and less aware of the noise.

Aromatherapy is a Tinnitus Remedy

Essential oils (EOs) are fantastic in helping and manage stress. These are highly concentrated oils from plants, and unlike oils from vegetables, essential oils are not oily.

Aromatherapy is an effective method in treating tinnitus especially if it is due to a problem with blood circulation. Not only that, the pleasant smells are calming and relaxing.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies recommends the use of rosemary, cypress, lemon and rose oils when the tinnitus may be related to blood circulation problems. Mix these 4 oils together and let it blend overnight. Use a few drops to massage your head and/or apply it in front and back of your ears.

Massaging these points with the oils will increase blood flow thus reducing tinnitus and giving relief. This is definitely one of the more refreshing natural remedies for tinnitus.

Self-Hypnosis Has Been Found to Reduce Tinnitus Symptoms

Previously scoffed by skeptics, hypnosis has become mainstream as a treatment to tinnitus. A study conducted by the Institute for Noise Hazards Research, Chaim Sheba Medical Centre in Israel indicated that the “therapeutic stimuli” which was recorded in audiocassettes and given to the patients, showed that self-hypnosis may be a method to relieve tinnitus symptoms.

A number of self-hypnosis CDs to treat tinnitus are available and might be of help to you. It’s easy to teach yourself, and once you learn how, you can implement the self-hypnosis method the very minute the tinnitus becomes unsettling. If you see here that best precautions are already mentioned. the reviews you read on any websites required to be authentic so you do not make a wrong purchase. Further information can be accessed over some reputed sites too.

Tinnitus Masking or Sound Therapy

Lastly, there’s always tinnitus masking. If you can’t seem to get rid of the noises in the ears even after implementing natural remedies for tinnitus, try a tinnitus masker. A tinnitus masker is a device that can manage, reduce and mask the debilitating noises in your ears.

Tinnitus maskers come in lots of different forms. There’s one that looks like a hearing aid and there are CDs which produce calming nature sounds like waterfalls, rain falling or “white noise” which sounds like static. These recorded sounds are also available for use in media player units like the mP3.

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