Photoptics Mod For Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9

A new mod that doesn’t seem to have any interesting part given, but can be extremely useful in many aspect of the game like this Photoptics Mod should be paid more attention to. How’s it going to be useful, you might wonder right? So, it will just give you a better and farther vision when you would like to see something in a moderate distance.

Photoptics Mod has been designed especially for those players who love being involved with the optical instruments. So, as it’s based on the optical stuff, there are going to be multiple different kinds of these instruments implemented to the game. You might think that they are useless and make no sense at all by adding these things into your game right? But actually, it can really help you to enhance your gameplay experience when playing with a little bit more depth in the scenario

Actually, there might not be any interesting. Currently, there are only two items added including the basic binoculars. This one is used when you want to see something or what’s going on at a moderate distance that you can’t normally see without it. To craft this one is so simple, all you need to have are 4 glass panes with 3 iron ingots. If this one doesn’t seem to be effective enough, I would like to recommend you to check the telescope out! This one can be used to see much farther distances. It’s obviously better, but the better means the more effort you need to put in order to get all the materials. So, you need glass block, iron block and glass pane.

The way to use these two new items are quite simple. You just need to have them equipped first then right click to activate them. In addition, when you are using it, simply press + and – key from your keyboard to zoom in and out respectively. Hopefully, there is going to be more stuff added into this Photoptics Mod because what we have as of right now fairly useful. So, I’m the one who looking forward to it.

  • This mod basically provide you a new item which is based on the Optical Instruments, like telescopes and the basic binoculars that you can buy from Minecraft alts shop.
  • These new tools allow players to see what’s going on at a moderate distance
  • This mod will only be useful, interesting and exciting only for those who love watching stuff or the environmental surroundings by using the Optical Instruments like the telescopes
  • The new tools added can be used to observe places in the distance and it’s going to be extremely useful for the pve+pvp server as well
  • This mod is currently in early Prototype stage, so most of the features you see in this mod might be replaced, added or changed as mentioned in planned features from the main forum
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work