Testosterone Various Roles Plays Male Development

Testosterone, an androgen, is a primary sex hormone present in males. It is a very important for men to have it in optimum levels for well-maintained sexual characteristics, especially when they get older. This chemical messenger is produced in females as well, but in lesser quantities. It is a steroid hormone which is produced in men mainly through their testicles and this is what makes them fertile for reproduction. The use of the correct procedure is increasing the benefits of the people. [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]What is CoolSculpting? It is essential to get an answer of the question. Experts are offering the answer to the people. The use of the correct pills and procedure is satisfying the requirement of the people.

Men produce sperms via a process called spermatogenesis and it needs testosterone for the development of germ cells after the completion of meiosis stage. Besides sperm production and fertility, testosterone also improves a man’s libido, bone density, muscular strength, production of red blood cells and fat distribution.

Why is lower testosterone production dangerous for men?

As men age, their testosterone levels start dropping and many-a-times, a medical condition called hypogonadism is developed. After 40 years, males begin to experience fall in testosterone production, which gets accelerated when the age of 60 years is crossed.

Lower testosterone production has been associated with an increase in mortality rate and its side effects consist of reduced sexual performance and erectile dysfunction. Though a Viagra like cheap sildenafil, for instance, can work wonders for men in the latter case, however, the problem still needs to be treated from the root cause.

Following are the negative effects of lower testosterone production in men:

  • Reduced libido and erectile quality, especially when it comes to nighttime erections.
  • Mood changes and skin alterations.
  • Decreased cognitive and intellectual functioning.
  • Experiencing anger, depression, and fatigue.
  • Reduced muscular strength and mass.
  • Excessive diminution in body hair.
  • Reduced mineral density and bone mass.
  • Unwanted escalation of body fat, especially in the abdominal area.
  • Onset of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases.
  • Use of testosterone supplements

Decrease in testosterone level is variable amongst men and after 60 years generally males experience this situation. To deal with such situations, testosterone supplements like spartagen XT are available in the market. Research has shown that these supplements are safe, when taken in appropriate dosage, and they enhance a person’s body mass while reducing his fat mass.

Research studies done on testosterone

One research study states that there is a connection between obesity and lower testosterone production. When testosterone levels fall, it results in increase of waist circumference and body mass. Links between insulin resistance, cardiovascular health risks and low testosterone have also been found. Hence, many researchers have suggested testosterone as a treatment for obesity.

Scientists have also found out the effect of cigarette smoking on testosterone. They discovered that though it elevates the hormone’s levels inside a body, it reduces men reproductive capacity due to lower sperm production. In case of cardiovascular diseases, it was found that men became more susceptible when their testosterone levels decreases. That’s why, some doctors have proposed the use of testosterone supplements for their treatment.

Research on testosterone is still going on and lots of things are yet to be discovered and verified. However, it’s completely true that consumers of testosterone supplements have increased to a great extent in recent years as more and more men have begun to pay attention to their sexual characteristics.