What Is Flatulence Causes And Treatment

Until now actually have not found the cause of flatulence. The majority opinion says that flatulence is caused by the intake of unhealthy food, another opinion saying that the cause of flatulence is a state of the surrounding environment is not healthy. But there is one common thing that happens due to interference flatulence in the digestive tract and gas production occurs in the stomach.

What causes flatulence

Although not yet known exactly what causes flatulence, but based on the experience of patients, that flatulence is caused by a variety of circumstances, such as:

The presence of food intake stimulates the production of gas in the stomach and intestines. Some foods that can trigger (stimulate) the wind in the stomach (flatulence), such as milk and similar products, foods with high-fat content, broccoli, cabbage. Because of the circumstances in which the body’s health is in the lowest points (health down).

A body with health conditions at the lowest point can affect the body’s organs, including the heart. Disorders of the digestive system caused by irregular eating patterns. It is important to note that the rhythm of the body requires a steady job, so when you are not eating regularly will confuse the work of the stomach, so that the production of stomach acid into irregular participation.

Excess stomach acid can trigger the production of gas in your digestive system. Disorders of the heart can also lead to gas in your stomach. An interruption in your blood circulation. When you work nonstop without a break will cause your circulatory system is compromised, it can also lead to the possibility of gas in your stomach. Smoking may be the cause of the gas trapped in the stomach. A smoker who spends two packs of cigarettes a day would often have flatulence. Pay attention to your bathing habits. Bath when your body is sweating very dangerous because the body pores are in the open state. If you bathe in this state, usually after a shower you will feel abnormalities in your body. Should shower when your body temperature has returned to normal.

Flatulence treatment

There are several kinds of treatment for flatulence that are recommended by [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Masri Clinic. You likely already familiar with one of the following treatments:

One of the customs of Indonesia when treating flatulence is by applying liniment to the chest and back area and accompanied by massage. It is useful for improving blood circulation.

You can also drink ginger water. It is useful to eliminate the feeling of cold and warm the body. How to make ginger juice is to Open ginger until cooked and then mashed to become flattened. Mix ginger with hot water and add a little sugar.

Symptoms of flatulence are really due to circulatory bit distracted, so with a little effort to smooth blood, flatulence usually will subside.