Diet To Lose Weight Skinny On Egg Yolks

I went on a trip with my friends just a few weekends ago, and noticed one of them preparing breakfast. I walked over to see what we were going to have for breakfast and noticed he was preparing to cook a big batch of eggs.

Then I noticed something shocking. He was cracking the eggs and throwing away all the egg yolks! I quickly asked why he was tossing the egg yolks away and he told me, “That’s because they are high in fat and bad cholesterol!”

To that, I retorted, “You doofus! That is where all the nutrients are in eggs!!!”

And, the above is the perfect example of how ignorant most people are about diets and nutrition. Somehow, many people think that egg yolk is the unhealthiest part of the egg, when in contrary, it is actually the best ! The yolks contain many vitamins, lutein, choline, and many other nutrients as researched on . Therefore, by throwing egg yolks away, my friend basically threw all these nutrients away!

Actually, egg whites contain much less nutrition compared to yolks. Yolks are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and basically also contains nearly 90% of all the nutrients in the entire egg!

I know what you are thinking. “Whole eggs will make my cholesterol levels hit the sky faster than I finish saying this sentence!”

First of all, that is false. When you consume a food with high levels of dietary cholesterol, your internal bodily production of cholesterol is reduced. Here’s an even more interesting piece of news. There are studies showing that eating whole eggs as opposed to only egg whites increases good cholesterol to a greater extent. Also high cholesterol by itself is not considered a disease. (Heart problems are though.) It is an important element in your body and you are only harming yourself by purposefully reducing your cholesterol.

Additionally, egg yolks contain many antioxidants helping protect you from inflammation.(Another good reason to eat whole eggs).

I wish you now understand that whole eggs are not ‘evil’ but are instead more ‘wholesome’ and beneficial for your body than simply egg whites.

“How about the excess calories in egg yolks?”

Even though eating whole eggs naturally mean taking more calories than just egg whites on their own, egg yolks are so dense in nutrients, it increases the level of nutrients per calorie you take in. It also helps suppress your appetite for rest of the day and the healthy fats from the yolks aid in maintaining a great level of fat-burning hormones! This means – burning off MORE body fat!

Take note though, that you should choose to consume organic free range eggs, born from chickens who consume more natural foods and are allowed to run around freely rather than those cooped up in a small cage. Deep orange coloured egg yolks represent way higher nutrient levels opposed to those eggs with pale yellow yolks. Guess what, those deep orange coloured egg yolks do not come from chickens cooped up in small cages! Those ‘free-roaming’ chickens get more nutrients since they eat all kinds of ‘natural foods’ for them such as insects, worms rather than just soy and corn only.

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