A Complete Guide On Buying The Best Crepe Maker

If you are planning to buy an electric crepe maker or a regular crepe maker, you need to be aware of the important things to consider when buying one. In this article, we will discuss exactly that, so stay tuned below to be informed. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Single or dual crepe maker

This factor mainly depends on whether you need to create a lot of crepes in a short period of time, like in a commercial setting. A single crepe maker is perfect if you are only planning to cook crepes for yourself or your immediate family and friends and it is also good in preserving space. Meanwhile, a commercial setting will favor a dual crepe maker more since it is able to produce more crepes in the same time frame as a single crepe machine.

  1. Frame type

There are two types of frames for crepe machines – square frame and round frames. Both square frames and round frames are easy to wash. Their differences lie in the space they occupy. Square frame models are extremely space efficient, which is perfect if you are tight on space and you want to maximize every room you got. Meanwhile, a round frame occupies more space while providing you with less room to cook. Having said that, square frame crepe makers tend to be more expensive compared to round frame models.

  1. Get the proper accessories

A decent crepe maker should come with some basic accessories, like measuring cups and batter spreaders. Having said that, you should still purchase accessories that are suited for your specific needs rather than using the ones provided by the crepe maker. Additionally, other essential accessories might not even be included by crepe makers by default. Some important accessories that are not typically included in crepe makers packages are crepe machine spatula, greasing pad, wooden sticks, and cardboard cones display.

  1. Consider the dimensions and electrical stats of the crepe maker

The size of your crepe maker should complement the free space that you have for it in your kitchen. Additionally, you should check the electricity power rating of the machine you are buying, and see if you have a socket in your kitchen that is appropriate for it. Buying a crepe machine only to find out that it is not compatible with the electric outlets in your kitchen is something that is hard to amend except to return the crepe maker and ask for a new one. However, this can easily be solved by checking the electricity rating on the crepe maker machine before buying it.

  1. Manual or thermostatic control

Crepe machines can come with manual or thermostatic temp controls. Manual controls are preferred by a lot of business owners since they provide more flexibility on the temperature levels, which equates to more precision while creating crepes. Thermostatic controls on the other hand are preferred by casual crepe makers who are not that delicate when it comes to temperatures.