How Important Are Commands When Training Shiba Inu Puppy?

If you are the one who wants to train your Shiba Inu puppy, then the number one thing you need to keep in mind is the commands because that will help you a lot. It is a fact that a dog understands commands more than language, so you need to focus and work on that part. You can hire the best trainer as that will be going to help in training the best commands for your puppy.

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You can make her learn some of the basic commands like come, sit, go, jump, and some others like these. In this way, the basic of commands will get clear to the puppies, and also you can easily come to make them learn some more without any problems.

Do not forget to use treats.

If you want your dog to learn commands, then do not forget to learn to provide them treats as that would help in making them discipline about the commands and learning. You can use biscuits or a piece of chicken because food is one of the most favorite things to have. Commands will make it easier for you to call them or to make them do the activity you want to.

Praise them as much as you can by rubbing their head or neck as in this way they will come to know that they are doing it right. You should not praise them when they do something wrong as by this, they will get to know where they are wrong. In this way, you can easily make them learn commands and provide them the best training of all time.

Command down is the important one.

Among all the commands, there is one which is known as command down. You need to make your dog learn this one as it will be very helpful in making them sit at the time of nuisance; otherwise, you won’t be able to calm them down. It is easy to teach them as you can go for the treats, and also you should start praising them at every step.

This is the only way in which you can teach them the commands like down. You should focus on the commands more than language because the dog understands the commands more than anything. Something they do not pay attention to the wordings, and thus they won’t listen to you, so if you want them to listen to you, then this is the only way.

Teach them manners

The command is important, but most importantly, you should teach them the manners because it is as important as the commands. A dog with no manners is the one which is least liked by the people.