Implementation of yoga in achieving weight loss

The power of yoga

The power and effectiveness of yoga is something that cannot be challenged by anyone. The entire art channels the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of the body to rejuvenate the overall life and thus create the perfect version of you. Its history runs down to more than 5000 years and has been documented well within different scriptures and development writings.

The entire art revolves around the five basic principles of exercise, diet, breathing, relaxation, and meditation. So, it points subtly towards the effectiveness in the weight loss goals and the upcoming content speaks further about it.

Answering the major doubt

If you are doubting yoga causing effective weight loss, then it is the right forum to clear the same. The overall structure is such that the individual achieves these goals effectively and holistically. In simple terms, you do not end up over-stressing your body or going under rigorous supplement plans (which are done in the regular gym plans).

The art of yoga focuses on two aspects of weight loss- healthy eating and proper exercise. In simple words, the former is focused on the diversion of stress from the individual’s mind, and the latter aids in burning out calories (something that you want badly to reduce the weight). Hence, you can say that the Yoga Burn is a workout program.

The overall benefits

The art of yoga offers a myriad of benefits beyond simple weight loss. The major ones include the following:

  • Enhanced flexibility with the stretching exercises implemented in different asana.
  • Improvised respiration due to different breathing exercises and meditation poses followed.
  • Charged up energy and vitality after the successful completion of every exercise and asana.
  • Proper management of the stress, which is considered to be the primary reason for weight gain and all of the vicious cycles that one tends to fall into.
  • Improved cardio health to conduct regular activities with full vigor and prevent the chances of fatigue or excessive workouts.
  • Strengthening of the muscle tone, that points towards the dream figure of an individual and aids in achieving the gym goals holistically and harmlessly.

Effective burning of the calories in the body that contribute towards more fats and thus lead you to oversize when compared to others.All of these combined can speak volumes about the overall effectiveness of the art and further strengthen the belief that yoga can replace all of the strenuous activities that are generally taken up in the name of fitness programs.

Link with power yoga

When it comes to Yoga Burn is a workout program, the specific program is called power yoga. It is more of a cardiovascular workout, that focuses on three things- weight loss, a healthy body, and stress-free life. This modern version of yoga is derived from the ancient knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and builds up the internal energy to achieve all of these goals.

The primary benefits of power yoga include the following:

  • Aids in burning up more calories than the other asanas done by the beginners or other regular doers.
  • Boost the metabolism and thus prevents settling down of excessive fats in the body.
  • Enhanced concentration and awareness of the mind towards the external environment and regular work.
  • Proper toning and relaxation to the body for building up the required strength and agility.
  • Easy to do asanas that do not require any advanced setup or other specifics often found in fitness programs.
  • The asanas under power yoga
  • The popular asanas under power yoga that are targeted towards weight loss include the following:
  • Surya Namaskara, the 12 step art that is nearly done by all of the regular yoga practitioners (in fact their yoga schedules begin with these poses).
  • Wind releasing poses to drop down the excessive fats from the stomach and keep it up in proper shape.
  • Side stretch poses to prevent fat accumulation in the sides and enhances the heartbeat to meet the strenuous requirements.
  • Bow pose that tones the arms and legs and gives them a perfect shape and muscle strength.
  • Eagle pose for the bulky people who want to achieve a thinner version of their limbs and increase the regular vigor.
  • Onelegged downward dog position, that combines the effects of weight loss on limbs, stomach, and thighs.
  • Cobra poses for toning of the buttocks and giving them the proper shape to complement the rest of the body.
  • Boat pose to involve major muscles of the body and give them the required shape (like biceps, triceps, etc.)
  • Corpse pose that relaxes the muscles and prevents them from getting fatigued or tired excessively.

Do remember that all of these poses need to be done initially under expert guidance and then you can replicate the same regularly as per your weight loss plan.

Frequency of practice

If you truly want to achieve the goal of weight loss, then try to do all of these asanas regularly. For the beginners’ stage, start quite slowly and then eventually build upon the number of iterations. It allows the body to get adjusted accordingly and trains the muscles to handle the different stretches in the entire schedule.

Also, it would be highly beneficial if you can combine these activities with some other physical activity like cycling, walking, jumping to name a few. The results would be incredibly satisfying and faster.

On an ending note, follow the right yoga practices and you are sure to hit the bull’s eye.