Bodybuilding Workouts For The Upper Body

To build muscle mass in your upper body, you need Bodybuilding Workouts that will target the…

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearms

Besides that, you need a diet plan and protein powder that will facilitate your body during workouts. Additionally, these Myprotein coupons at Money Off Supps will help you in getting the best powders at affordable prices. 

You can group these muscle groups into a two-day workout, working on back to back days with a two-day break afterward. Or you can do a three-day workout with a one day rest at the end. Both of these routines are great for when you are developing your lower body through cardiovascular exercises like running or cycling.

Two Day Bodybuilding Workouts For Your Upper Body

For this routine, you will want to split up the body parts mentioned above into two different days. Day 1 and Day 2 will look like this…

Day 1:

Chest: Flat barbell bench press

Flat barbell bench press Shoulders: Barbell military press

Barbell military press Triceps: Pulley pushdowns

Day 2:

Back: Barbell bent over rows

Barbell bent-over rows Biceps: Dumbbell alternating curl

Dumbbell alternating curl Forearms: Barbell underhand forearm curl

Grouping the chest with the shoulders and triceps is done because when you perform chest exercises like bench press or push-ups, you are using the shoulders and triceps as well.

Start out with your biggest muscle group first, which is the chest. Note, while working your chest, you will also be working the shoulders and triceps.

After the chest workout, you’ll work the next biggest muscle group which are the shoulders. When working the shoulders, you will also hit the triceps. So, once you are ready to perform the triceps exercise, you do not need a lot of weight to get a good pump.

For your last exercise, go with lighter weight and perform higher reps to get a good pump. The same goes for the back, biceps, and forearms.

The back is the larger muscle of the three so, start out with the biceps. Then go on to the biceps. Finally, finish with a high rep and lighter weight for your forearms.

Three Day Bodybuilding Workouts For Your Upper Body

This three-day routine will have you performing two exercises per day. It will incorporate a large muscle group combined with a smaller muscle group. A sample routine will look like this…

Day 1:

Chest: Barbell bench press

Barbell bench press Triceps: Skull Crushers

Day 2:

Back: Wide grip pull-ups

Wide grip pull-ups Biceps: Barbell curls

Day 3:

Shoulders: Military press

Military press Wrist: Underhand forearm curl

These three-day bodybuilding workouts will not be as intense as the two-day routine but, you will have only one day for your rest day which will slightly make the next session more difficult.

For both the two day and the three-day bodybuilding workouts, try to change the exercises for the different muscle groups. For example, one week you might do a regular bench press for the chest, then the next week you might do incline flyes. Vary the exercises so you will confuse the muscle and promote more muscle gains.