Free Monitoring Tools to Choose From The Best Website

Free social media monitoring tools are yours for the taking. So, let’s get right to it.

Social Mention’s strap line is ‘like Google alerts but for social media’.

 This sums up what they do very nicely; in essence, Social Mention operates as a social media search engine which collates together social networking and user-generated content from across the web.

You can use this to search for keywords or phrases used in user-generated content anywhere on the web and, if necessary, refine your search to blogs, networks, bookmarks, news, comments, videos and more.

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Out There – So Use Them

When you do a search, you get a list of results along with the top keywords associated with your brand or search term; the top influencers talking about your brand; the reach of your key-words; a quick overview of the sentiments associated with the mention of your brand (% positive, negative or neutral), a list of sources and more.  The monitoring of the free tools is great when a person will buy tiktok likes. An increase in the likes will result in the popularity of the channel. The mentioning of the hashtags under the video will offer effective results to the people. The use of the keyword is done with the intelligence and skills of the channel owner. 

You can also sign up for free daily alerts featuring the key-words of your choice from social media sites across the web.

Social Mention provides information month by month; as such, it’s a very useful tool for small to medium companies who want monthly information but who perhaps don’t need in-depth long-term analysis.

Tweetburner is a useful tool to track specific link activity on Twitter and FriendFeed. It allows you to shorten your Twitter URLs or web addresses, and then measure their activity.

Tweetburner will give you basic statistics such as how many clicks your link received and the click-through rate.

This is a useful tool if Twitter is your primary social media channel.

In contrast to TweetBurner which is only focused on Twitter and FriendFeed, Hootsuite allows you to monitor and track multiple social media networks

As an added bonus, you can also engage with your online communities and sites via the Hootsuite interface.

Specifically, that means that you can update Facebook (individual profiles and Pages), Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, and WordPress from the one dashboard.

It also allows you to track keywords, schedule social media updates, compose updates by mobile and track the results of your social media offerings.

Reporting information includes individual URL statistics, such as click volume, referrer information, geographical information and more, including Google Analytics and Facebook in-sights for those who wish to upgrade to pro membership. You can create custom analytic reports for your social media pages.

Hootsuite is a great time-saving device for anyone managing multiple social media accounts, helping you to publish and track the success of those accounts at the same time.

Be aware, however, that Hootsuite is not a comprehensive monitoring tool; it doesn’t support YouTube, for instance, nor any other social media site aside from the ones mentioned above.

These are just a small selection of the free social media monitoring tools that are available on the internet.

But what if you need something more comprehensive to keep track of your bigger social media empire? Stay tuned…