Follow These 14 Rules If You Are Interested In Buying A Ferrari

Being a Ferrari lover you must have come across but if you are interested in buying a Ferrari yourself, then there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. No matter how popular you are and how much money you have in your pocket, if you are interested in buying one of these hypercars then you need to follow all the rules that are mentioned in this article.

  • If you are interested in buying a new Ferrari you might have to start with one of their used cars. As you visit any Ferrari dealership, there are healthy chances that you might not get your dream car at that very moment. In order to get yourself a brand new Ferrari, you might have to drive an old one first.
  • Potential Ferrari buyers go through a rigorous background check before they can ride in their favorite Ferrari. Yes, it does hold true that car dealers are always on the lookout for new opportunities and new deals. In order to make that happen, they might also make use of software solutions offered by companies such as VinSolutions and similar ones. However, speaking of Ferrari dealers, they tend to check your financial as well as social background as they are quite watchful when it comes to selling this prestigious machine.
  • Before you get your hands on a brand new Ferrari, you will have to agree to the condition that you will carry out all the repairs and modifications only through authorized repair shops. This might get a little more expensive for the buyers, but you make any unauthorized service or repair of your vehicle, the expensive warranty that you get with every new Ferrari will be completely void.
  • Just like the repair part, as a proud Ferrari owner, you are only allowed to use original Ferrari parts in your car. Early models of Ferraris had a lot of common components with Alfa Romeos and Fiats, however, even when these replacement parts are much cheaper you are not allowed to use them in your vehicle under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • There are certain ownership rules when it comes to limited edition Ferraris. This is done to ensure that people don’t sell their limited edition Ferrari for a much higher price. The company does this to maintain the overall demand and exclusivity of their cars that are highly sought after.
  • If you are keen on selling you Ferrari, you must have to inform the company about that first. Anyone getting a new Ferrari has to sign a contract about this. All this is done so that the company can decide the ownership of the vehicle. They can buy back their car if they are not satisfied with the profile of the buyer.
  • Usually, buyers need to inform the company if they are interested in selling their car and are completely forbidden to do so within the first year. However, there are certain editions of Ferraris that you are not allowed to sell under any circumstances. You must have to sell such Ferraris to the company back. This is how the company keeps a complete control over the ownership of their super vehicles.
  • If you already have a Lambo in your car collection then you might not be able to get your hands on a Ferrari. Considering the huge rivalry between these two carmakers, Ferrari is not that keen when you already own a Lambo no matter how rich or popular you are. Ferrari expects this brand rivalry from its car owners as well.

  • When it comes to buying these super expensive limited edition Ferraris, there are certain rules and regulations but if you are quite popular on a global scale then there are healthy chances that you might to the top of the waiting list quite easily. Like any other company, Ferrari also likes famous faces getting associated with their brand.
  • If you are not that famous then you might have to get in line no matter how much money you are willing to spend. Even millionaires that already have few Ferraris with them have to get their names on the waiting list and that doesn’t mean that they will surely get their desired car.
  • When it comes to limited edition Ferraris there is no sure shot way of buying one. Besides all the background checks and popularity checks, you might not be able to buy one. Ferrari has all the rights when it comes to choosing the owners that they see suitable for driving the limited editions. All this also applies to noted Ferrari owners and collectors.
  • Before you get your hands on a Ferrari, the company encourages you to visit their factory so that you can learn more about the legacy of these amazing Ferraris. If you are interested in a limited edition Ferrari then visiting the Ferrari’s factory located in Maranello is a big plus point for your profile.
  • Opening the engine hatch or hood of your Ferrari is strictly prohibited as well as owners can not do any kind of modification to improve the performance of their cars. If any illegal modification is found in your vehicle you will be charged by Ferrari and you might even lose the warranty of your vehicle.
  • Furthermore, since you can only add parts that are authorized by Ferrari, you can not use any other parts in order to modify your vehicle. Moreover, if you are keen on modifying your vehicle you can ask Ferrari to do so as they are quite capable of modifying your vehicle according to your taste.

There are certain limitations to this as well. You are not allowed to paint your Ferrari pink, salmon, or blush as that can lead to revocation of your ownership completely. Moreover, any legal modification that you do should not cover the logo of the company as there is a rich history behind that logo and Ferrari is quite serious about it.

These are 14 Ferrari secrets that every potential buyer and every Ferrari lover should know.