The Best Places to Find Energy Star Kitchen Appliances

The Best Places to Find Energy Star Kitchen Appliances – One of the government’s biggest plans in keeping the Earth healthier is energy efficient products. Together with corporations like GE and Kitchen Aid the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy have come up with energy saving devices for over 50 categories. One of the most commonly searched is Kitchen Appliance for the simple fact that these machines are running all the time. Here are some of the most popular stores that carry not only your Kitchen Appliances but in many cases the items from the many other categories. 6 home improvement stores that carry EPA and DE approved Energy efficient appliances.

  1. Lowes:

Lowes Hardware carries 495 different Energy Star products ranging from $100 to $7000. While most of their appliances are Frigidaire Brand you can find a wide verity here including Bosch, Fisher¬† Paykel;, GE, KitchenAid, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Lowes ads in the Sunday paper will tell you when they have their big season’s projects sales. For the next couple of weeks that’s when these appliances will go on sale, this is especially true when they have their kitchen makeover ads.

  1. Ace Hardware

Unlike at Home depot and Lowes you wont find Ace’s Energy Appliances listed under a heading. This store isn’t one to go to if your looking for a fridge but they do have many of the Kitchen Aid small Appliances. You can check each week online before the paper comes out to see what will be on sale.

  1. The Home Depot

546 Energy Appliances can be found here. Portables and Built-ins are available for certain products and they come in many different colors. The prices here range from $200 to $5000. GE and Maytag top this list of manufacturers but don’t worry there are many others here including: Franklin Chef, Hotpoint, Jenn- Air, Profile, LG, Amana, and Americana. Speak to a consultant right online about any of these products when you log onto their website or walk into a store.

  1. Sears

Who doesn’t love Sears. While you’re not going to find the kitchen cabinets or lumber here you will fine isles and isles of kitchen appliances. With over 850 energy efficient appliances, it’s no wonder Sears has won the award for best energy star retailer 7 out of 8 years. Right now for example there’s 15% off washer and dryer: that’s more then the employee discount at Target. Sears is also good for things like no interest or payments for 12 months and free delivery and haul away. That lets you get rid of the old and pay it off before you get stuck with lots of interest that equals half the price of the machine you bought.

  1. Walmart

College Kids! This is your one shop stop in this race for a Green Earth. Your mini fridge that has to reach only a certain height and that microwave you won’t burn your pizza in can all be found here.

  1. Menard’s

Build your home from the ground up or slowly remodel everything to be energy efficient. Menard’s has plans for it all. There are rebate opportunities and no money down payment plans available. Menard’s is having a kitchen and bath sale from not until Labor Day. Holidays are a great time to check and see what these specialty home stores are offering they usually have really good deals.

Deals, when ever you want to buy a product always look at two things: the stores, and the manufacturers’ website. You can get deals or print coupons right off line that could save you like $50 or more on things like refrigerators and ovens. In order to know about the homes reviews, a click at site can be made. It will help the people to compare different electronic appliances based on the rankings and reviews. Some additional efforts can be made to paint the cabinet following the look of the appliances. After checking the reviews, the selection of the appliance should be made for kitchen.¬†

One of the great things about shopping for appliances is that you can order them online once you know what you want. Many of these stores offer certain products online only but they also have all kinds of Internet specials each week for hundreds of dollars off.

And don’t worry about using your credit card online. All the sites were consumer and credit card friendly.