El Leon Spa in Los Angeles

El Leon Spa in Los Angeles is located at 8217 Beverly Boulevard between the intersections of La Jolla Avenue and Harper Avenue. Known as one of the most relaxing, inspiring spa retreats in the city El Leon Spa offers something for everyone. Offering ambiance, relaxation, and an environment of health and wellness to its clients, El Leon Spa is the perfect place to escape during a stressful time.

El Leon Spa offers the ultimate in body work, healing, and Thai massage and is as inviting as it luxurious. The candle-lit environment is comfortable relaxing and reminiscent of a private home or spa. The staff is professional and very well trained as they welcome clients into the private areas to enjoy a host of treatments. The skin care clinic south Carolina will offer the best services to the customers. The staff will be well trained to perform the services according to the taste of the customers. Home health services will be offered to the customers in the private zone to get the best treatment. The use of best products will be done. 

As clients retreat to the privacy of the treatment area they are escorted to relax onto custom made futons done with luxuriously fluffy pillows. Selecting a service will be the toughest part as El Leon Spa in Los Angeles offers an incredible menu of services. Clients may select from the following service; Thai Massage, Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage, Custom Therapeutic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reiki, Hamman (Turkish bath), Ayurvedic Facials and more.

One of the most unique features to El Leon Spa in Los Angeles is their party option where clients can host a massage party at the establishment. Several packages are offered including a package where the spa will close a half an hour before and after the party’s treatments, however no food and beverage is allowed. This is offered Monday through Thursday for $300.00 plus the cost of treatments. The second package at El Leon Spa adds an extra hour and a half of closing. This option is available for $400.00 plus the cost of treatments during the week. They also offer this package on Friday with the option of clients bringing food and beverages for approximately $800.00 plus the cost of treatments. There is a third option where El Leon Spa will close for up to four hours plus the treatment times. This event is a catered event complete with a waiter, fresh foods, and wine or beer and is available any day of the week. Interested parties must contact El Leon Spa in Los Angeles for an approximate quote.

El Leon Spa is one of the top spas and definitely one of the most popular in Los Angeles, which offers in addition to their awesome services personal attention in a very professional environment. For more information on the El Leon Spa in Los Angeles visit the official Web site or call 323-782-9582.