Wall Surrounds Over Wall Tiles: Key Reasons Why

Out of all the parts of the house, one of the segments that really do need your attention, especially with the walling is no other than the bathroom. Unlike other parts of the house, the bathroom receives much more moisture, and because of this, some materials are deemed inappropriate for bathroom use. This is most especially true if you have items like the jacuzzi bath, the use of which will require you to make use of a certain kind of wall. Some common types of which, are porcelain and acrylic. Why choose these materials, and others over wall tiles? Let’s find the reasons out why below.


Working with tiles is actually really expensive, than if you make use of wall surrounds. This is because installing of bathroom tiles entails having to pay for the labor, which is usually on a per hour basis, which of course, when done with care, will take several hours. In the case of wall surrounds, however, you really will not have to deal with much, given that transportation and installation will cost less overall. This is due to it being less complex, and because of this you can be relieved of labor costs, and will also allow you to have more money for things that are significantly more worthwhile, such as costs for living, and could even give you time for you to travel.

Neat Appearance

All-in-all, other materials than tiles looks great when you use them on walls. This is because grout lines are absent in them, which are pretty much present in tiles. If you have these grout lines, bathrooms often will feel cluttered, and will also make it look less spacious. Having walls that do not look broken in any way will give a positive impact in terms of aesthetics. According to people, getting a clean look of a bathroom will help to make a positive impression and aura with you, and hence is great if you own a restaurant or some place where people will be visiting the bathroom every now and then.

Several Options

Wall surrounds are, in general, really simple and can be easily fabricated. There are a lot of materials that can be used in order to achieve this. The type of material will depend on the design that you would want to achieve, and thus there are many textures, colors, and materials that you can choose from. There are options that can be discussed with architects as well.

Better Waterproofing

As mentioned previously, the bathroom walls are the ones that are most susceptible to moisture. This is because it is used on a daily basis. Evaporation can pretty much seep into the walls of the bathroom and will cause damage through weakening of the structure. It can also cause mold and mildew. The best way to avoid this is through waterproofing. If your bathroom has brick walls, then before putting up tiles or surrounds, consider getting a brick waterproofing cream and applying it on your walls. Insulated masonry generally slows down seepage and therefore water damage.

Wall surrounds generally work better with waterproofing because there’s a lesser chance of exposure to moisture. Getting other wall materials for the bathroom will help to prevent this from happening in the long run, and thus will make your bathrooms cleaner and safer for you.