How To Choose The Perfect Tile For Steam Shower

Steam showers are a lavish addition that anyone can make in their bathrooms. It gives a very luxurious and a classy look to your bathroom. It is a perfect way to get relaxed and melt your stress away after a tiring day. But if you’re thinking to install a steam shower enclosure in your bathroom, then you’ll need to make a significant decision about the tiles of your bathroom as steam is much more invasive than water, so it requires more care to be taken as compared to the standard shower.

Installing the shower needs utmost care, having a professional from a company like Stillwater Plumbing & Heating ( can make sure that the plumbing trim is taken care of. Now, besides the bathroom fixtures, picking the right tile is also of great importance.

Here some of the features are mentioned below that you should consider before buying the tiles for your bathroom. You can follow these factors that will help to make your steam shower safe and beautiful.

  • Stone tiles: – natural stone like marble is very appealing among the homeowners because of its classic look. However, because of its porous nature, it may not be the best option for steam enclosures, regardless of its popularity. These tiles absorb steam and will affect the appearance of the tiles over time. Apart from that it also squanders heat rather than keeping it and ultimately drawing away all the steam. So it’ll consume more electricity.
  • Porcelain tiles-unlike the marble one these tiles are durable and non-porous as well which means it’s not going to absorb the moisture anyways. It is the best option to choose for steam showers. They come in many designs and beautiful colors as well. Recently many new innovative idea s have been added to these such as R-11 Anti-Slip finish that is a unique snit slip finish added on these tiles without any change in their appearances. That means it is the best option which will be safe, comfortable as well as it’ll retain the heat.

Moreover, some of these have suitable slip resistant. you can have a look over these different sized tiles on

Added to that if there is a chemotherapy arrangement that lights in your steam shower then a lighter color will reflect more light. And the steam enclosure will look amazing.

If you want to place a sitting arrangement in the bathroom, then solid stone or composite stone is the most comfortable option.

If the ceiling of your bathroom is curved, then go for small tiles for the roof.


Concluding all of the above factors, it’ll be the best to avoid the natural stone for steam showers especially those who are very porous such as marble or limestone. Even if you took proper care and sealed regularly, still the steam will dissipate and ruin the durability and also will affect the appearance of the tiles .rather than this opt for the porcelain tiles with the anti-slip finish as mentioned before and enjoy the experience for years.