Hawaiian Vacation Activities

Hawaiian Vacation Activities

Hawaii is still one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. It is an exotic and beautiful island filled with beautiful scenery and kind, friendly people. This island has a lot to offer that can pack your vacation days with activities that will keep you entertained from the day you step out of the airport until the day before you depart. Hawaii can offer activities that you can do alone or with a group on a tour, allowing you to meet other people, such as tourists or locals just “hanging loose”–a favorite local expression that means to relax.

Hawaiian Vacation Activities
Snorkeling or Deep Sea Diving

Explore a few feet of underwater adventure, snorkeling or deep sea diving in the waters of the island of Hawaii. You will experience the beauty of nature under the sea. Swim with the dolphins and feed a school of fish as you explore the deep blue sea. If you prefer a shallower water exploration, snorkeling closer to the shore will give you a safeguarded experience without having to go too deep underwater. You can see different types of corals that are in the Pacific Rim.


Dubbed by tourists as the ultimate thrill ride, Hawaii parasailing activities offer you a different view of the islands high up in the air. Harnessed safely to colorful parachutes, you can choose to ride alone or with a partner for about 8 to 10 minutes. The entire activity lasts about an hour, which includes the boat ride to the location where the parasail will take off. There is a pre-recorded narration to provide a guided tour of the scenery while parasailing to a maximum altitude of 500 feet above sea level. There are two options for this ride: one is the dry option where you can take off from the boat and land on the boat afterward, while the other is a wet one where you can take off from the water and have a smooth water landing after the ride. Whatever you choose, you will have a memorable and fun experience. Check with the tour operators for pricing, age and health restrictions.

Hawaiian Vacation Activities


A luau is a party where tourists come together to enjoy Hawaiian foods, drinks and entertainment. There are many luaus offered in Hawaii–some sponsored by hotels, some by day or night cruises. The most common luaus happen on land, where a tour bus will take you to a resort close to the beach. While on the bus ride, the tour guide will explain the activities that will take place during the luau. Upon arrival at the location, men and women dressed in Hawaiian costumes greet you with leis. Then, they take your picture by the entrance where you pose with the costumed hosts. They sell you the pictures at the end of the luau for you to keep as souvenirs.

As you enter the luau location, there are several wooden long tables with chairs or benches where people from different places join together to partake in the gathering. The setting is outdoors, where you can see the sunset before dinner starts. Before the show starts, the locals show their skills of fishing, climbing coconut trees and donning their costumes. During dinner, local entertainers sing Hawaiian songs and dancers dance the different types of Hawaiian or Polynesian dances. The show may even include a number from the fire dancers. You will learn about different Hawaiian foods and drinks. For example, you will see how pigs are roasted under the ground. The roast pigs are then served to the guests. This is a fun-filled activity that lasts for several hours. Expect to spend at least 4 to 6 hours, including travel time, to complete the luau.

Hawaiian Vacation Activities

Tour of Pearl Harbor

For a less active but a somber tour, you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As of 2009, Pearl Harbor is still the most visited tour in Hawaii, with more than 1.5 million visitors annually. It is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It takes about 75 minutes to complete the tour, which includes a 23-minute documentary about the Japanese attack on the island. The Memorial is not open on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.


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