Best way to Prevent Employee Theft: Criminal Background Check

Because of technological advancements, protection and monitoring techniques have vastly improved over the years. Multi-purpose monitoring devices and less visible fad software are more successful at detecting security device flaws. However, among the most significant issues confronting small businesses in the United States is employee theft.

Workers who scam have generally worked for just a company for many years before beginning to steal, and they operate for at least years before even being discovered. That was a good amount of time for the company to lose money. This is why it has become very important to run criminal background checks; the companies can go for an online background check as well.

Truth be told, employment verifications are not only limited to employees who opt for a desk job. Nowadays, even truck driving candidates are known to go through background checks conducted by their prospective employers. Usually, such employers are known to rely on Tenstreet software (, which can determine previous employment gaps and aid in quick online verification.

Criminal Background Check:

A criminal background check could help look up details about a person’s criminal history, including violent and misdemeanor offenses, as well as any ongoing criminal prosecutions, in regional, federal, state, and/or community criminal trial databases. Based on the charging documents checked, various types of criminal background checks can show different offenses. A review of the county’s criminal history server, for instance, would only reveal illegal conduct in that state’s criminal system. Companies can, furthermore, opt to scan different cities and localities based on the senator’s previous residences or if a national search indicates illegal activity in numerous jurisdictions. Depending on what type of background check they go for, businesses may need additional support during this time, they can get assistance from a bpss checking service or look into how they can be helped with a local background check, etc. it all depends on what is needed.

Should these checks be conducted?

Businesses may use criminal record checks to mitigate the costs associated with the recruiting, retaining and development of employees. However, employers need to be aware of and consistent with numerous regulatory standards that protect candidates and workers by using criminal record checks. Workers should always keep ethical concerns as factors when choosing business decisions concerning security enforcement. Bad details from a criminal past and other official records must be verified by the organisation that delivered it to the client. If you have a felony or a drug related conviction, some companies will refuse to hire you. However, there might be companies who might ask you to put forward proof of sobriety (you can undergo a home drug test or have your samples sent to laboratories like Countrywide Testing who can do it for you) or a similar document to prove yourself fit for the job.


When the criminal background and other official records prevent you from being employed or elevated, the company must notify you verbally, in person, or digitally:

  • The organisation provided the arrest record or public documents study’s identity, location, and mobile number.
  • The organisation that released the data did not intend to turn the bad act and is unable to supply you with solid reasons.
  • That if you apply for a free extra document from an organisation that provided this within two months of the client’s decision not to recruit or keep you, you get the right to challenge the quality and comprehensiveness of any details inside the document.


Hence, it is best for companies to run a pre-employment background check because, to some extent, it will prevent employee theft. The best way is to conduct an online background check. The rise in cases involving an individual being incompetent in recruiting or maintaining a worker who later participated in workplace bullying or any other behaviour that caused damage to an individual has prompted businesses to use police checks to scan potential employees. Many companies conduct criminal record checks on existing employees as both a matter of habit or subsequent to an advancement, relocation, and perhaps other alteration in job terms of service.