8 Design Uses For Signs In Minecraft

The game of Minecraft can basically play as a virtual game of Legos. You’re placed in this epic world to gather resources and claim it as your own by putting sweet creations everywhere. Sure, you can build a single tower of dirt to mark your spawn point, but you can also make the effort to build a temple of rebirth. When playing online, your design sense is even more important which is why players often use Minecraft alt generator to practice and hone their skills. Do you want to be known as the guy who builds boring boxes or the guy who builds epic epicness? 

Here are a few ways to take otherwise utilitarian signs and turn them into design tools.

#1) Weather Vanes

Did you know you can place signs on fence posts? Did you know that you can place signs on other signs? I used eight signs and got this really great looking weather vane. Are there more things you can do with this method? Probably! But I screwed around for like an hour and this is all I came up with! You can throw this on top of a house, a town hall or a shop to give it a little bit more personality. I put the whole thing on top of a fence post for better visibility from the ground.

#2) Crossroads Sign

Have you ever thought of using a sign.. as a sign? Ok yeah, I guess this one’s a little like cheating but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. I love the fact that you can place signs in the ground at different angles, and that you can put them on top of other signs at different angles. If the rustic crossroads thing doesn’t fit your modern town feel you can always put fence posts on top of one another and surround them with signs.

#3) Asian Gate

This is my favorite sign use I’ve come up with. I expanded the idea of the second crossroads from before and just made it a bit bigger. Connecting the top with the fence and signs completes it and makes for a really cool looking Asian inspired threshold. Maybe make a few of these in a row for a cool pathway?

#4) Cupboard

A staircase surrounded by normal blocks gives the appearance of an indent in the wall. cover this with a wooden sign and you have yourself a cupboard. Not exactly the most USEFUL thing in the world but if it’s your cup of tea then go for it!

#5) Flower Pot

This is a goodie. A single dirt block inside surrounded by signs makes a cute little flower pot. You can double this or triple this if you’d like. Be careful when building too close to the outside. Sometimes the grass will jump through a block and turn your dirt block into a grass block and then it doesn’t look quite right anymore.

#6) Chairs and Benches

An oldie but a goodie. I used this in my previous design tutorial Why You Shouldn’t Build With Cobblestone. Just throw down wooden stairs and put a sign on either end. Instant Chair/Bench.

#7) Chimney

Put a few wooden blocks on the top of your house. Top it with a wooden half-block surrounded by signs. BOOM! you’ve got yourself a Chimney. Resist the urge to light it on fire unless you want your house to burn down.

#8) Sign Art

All of these designs were made with signs, and don’t forget a sign’s main in-game purpose: To write on! You can use ASCII art to spice up your signs a little bit. Maybe give it design or texture. The possibilities are endless.