Here Come The Houseplants

You must think that because I write a blog on container gardening that I must be some sort of green thumb! I hate to say it, but you couldn’t be more wrong! I started writing this blog in the Winter of this year because I really wanted to encourage myself to get out there and learn more about growing my own food and how to beautify my home using mother nature and every gardener, designer and horticulturalist should go visit this page here for more info on houseplants. Now that we’ve just come out of Spring, and we celebrated the first day of Summer a couple of days ago, I’m beginning to have some serious potted plant envy. As you know by now, I live in an apartment building, and I actually live on the ninth floor.

Though my building is considered a low rise, the apartments are quite large and the ninth floor is sort of like being on the twelfth floor for others in the area, it’s great. We’ve had a handful of spectacular days out here on the west coast, days that were warm enough for me to take the ‘old Macbook pro out to the balcony to let my legs get a little bit of sun. And it was on one of these glorious days that I looked over my left shoulder one afternoon, and I noticed that my neighbors had a stunning display of tropical plants growing not only on their balcony but in their apartment also. I was immediately jealous, and I peeked over at my two very lonely houseplants wondering if it wasn’t time to make some additions to the lonely, domestic collection of two.

For whatever reason, I have always had far more success growing a high yielding garden or container garden, than houseplants. In fact, I think but for the two plants that are living in my dining room right now, I have managed to murder every single house plant I have ever owned! I’ve even offed a few cacti over the years! I know, I know, how hard is it to keep a desert plant alive, right? It’s embarrassing, and I think there are several reasons for my lack of green thumb. Number one, I completely forget that they’re there. I’m out in my container garden quite often, weeding or picking whatever ingredients I’m going to need to make a meal. But I pass my poor houseplants on a regular basis without even realizing that they’re there. They can be half dead, their leaves desperately reaching toward the light, and I’ll actually pick them up, move them aside, dust around and underneath them, all without giving them water or a little TLC. What can I saw, my houseplants are just not getting the love they deserve.

I’ve decided to turn all of this around and start researching the absolute best house plants available. My space needs some more greenery, and I also want to freshen the air up in my apartment, and the absolute best way to do that, other than picking myself up a five hundred dollar air filter, adding a few more plants here and there will help clean out any impurities in the air. I would also like to create a more peaceful, tranquil environment within my home, bring a little bit more balance to it. So for the next few posts, I’ll be sharing my research with you on unique and funky house plants that are easy enough to take care of that you won’t need to hire an executive assistant to manage the maintenance full time, yet challenging enough that you’ll actually enjoy fussing over them every now and again. So stay tuned and check back with us often!