Know All About What Is The Silk Press Process?

If you have curly and textured hair, things could get pretty rough for you. Textured hair comes along with problems like having rough hair or hair that gets tangled pretty easily and takes a lot of effort to get detangled. Apart from these regular issues, you could also face problems such as you might not look tidy enough with rough and curly hair. It could make you look unattractive if you are into straight and silky hair more. Knowing what is a silk press and how to go about the entire process could save you from this miserable situation! Learn about it further to know-how. 

What is a silk press?

In the silk press process or technique, the hairdresser simply uses a blow-dry feature or flat iron to press the textured hair and move down along the lengths of the hair. As the flat iron moves down, you could see the texture of the hair changing from those rough curls to a silky straight. It is an eye-satisfying process to watch and the final results are simply amazing! Your hair would go from extremely curly to being perfectly straight in no-time without even applying any harmful chemicals or going through some hectic overnight procedure. 

After knowing what is a silk press, you don’t even have to worry about your hair getting rough after the procedure. As the name silk press suggests, your hair will become silky once the process is finished.

Start by washing your hair

Whenever you’re planning to silk press your hair, the very first step in the entire process would be to start by cleaning and washing your hair. Without this, you won’t be able to get the amazing results of silky, shiny, and bouncy hair after the silk press process is finished. 

As you clean and wash your hair, you would be able to get rid of dandruff (white and dry flakes) that are often present on the scalp. This would help in getting a cleaner base for performing the entire process. 

With the shampoo, any other dirty particles would be removed and there would be a decent amount of moisture in your hair as well. It is recommended to use shampoos with effective cleaning and hydrating properties.

Condition your hair

Once you know what is a silk press, you would be able to understand that it is always a good idea to perform deep conditioning of your hair before you start the process of silk-pressing your hair. It helps retain moisture in the hair and the result would be smoother. 

Blow-dry your hair

Next, it is important to blow your hair dry before you can get to silk-press it. You can try using some attachments along with the blow-dryer like some blow-dryers come with a comb attached. With this, you can detangle your hair along with blow-drying it and giving it volume as well. 

Get rid of those annoying split-ends

To maximize the effectiveness and produce the best results through silk-pressing techniques, it is advised to get rid of any of those annoying split-ends that could ruin the entire look of your hair and make the process even difficult to follow. You can do this by simply trimming your hair to a length that is not too short but lets you get rid of all the split ends at the very least. This will also make your hair look better than before even before you go ahead with the silk pressing method. 

Get to silk-pressing your hair!

After you have performed all the above-mentioned steps, you would be perfectly ready to start silk-pressing your hair. By taking all the necessary precautions and following the previous steps, you will get the best results. 

You can either use a basic flat-iron or if you want, you can also try using a flat-iron that has a comb attached to it. This will help you reduce any kind of heat damage as the hair would be smoothened out in a single pass of the flat iron. This would also make the process faster and easier to follow. 

Know more about what is a silk press and get your hair straightened now!