Growing Cannabis From Seeds

If you are of the idea that the Cannabis outside is not worth the trouble and the price, you may consider growing Cannabis from seeds right in your home or your greenhouse. Remember that it is illegal to do so without a medical permit, and you will have to take extreme caution if you are serious about harvesting marijuana right at home just like you have to as you buy marijuana online.

The First Phase

Else, buy online from a reputed site and one that comes with a set of references. The growing process is a continuous one, and the first seed you germinate will lay the foundation for the rest of the strains that will follow. When you begin, you will start with a female seed. The simplest thing would be to drop it in a glass of water for a day or two and cover it so that light does not enter. You will see the seed sink to the bottom and that means that the seed has absorbed the necessary water.

The Second Phase

Once the seed sinks, the next phase in growing Cannabis from seeds is to transplant the seed into the soil. It is of utmost importance that the soil you choose comes fortified with a lot of natural nutrients. So, choose your soil with care. A lot of people growing Cannabis from seeds prefer to use soil that they have specially prepared for the occasion. Plant the seed just under the soil surface – say about a centimeter or so. Water the cup/dish by spraying and make sure that the moisture level is maintained. Keep away from light, and you will see the seed germinate in a few days (probably 5-10 days time).

The Third Phase

Next starts the cycle of growth. Choose a place that is well ventilated and keep a strong light near the plant. The ideal temperature for growing Cannabis from seeds is about 75-80 degrees F. Also, to replicate an outside environment, you need to keep the light on and off as per the light in your area. If you are serious about growing Cannabis from seeds over a long period of time, you should look to pollinate the female plant with the male. Else, once you see that the resulting plant is male, you can just weed them out. The buds used for smoking are formed only by the female variant. You can easily recognize them by the white hair-like growth on the plant tips.

The Fourth and Final Phase

The last phase in growing Cannabis from seeds would be to cut off the pods once they are ready and dry them out by placing them in a container. Keep shaking them around once a day or so; and in a couple of weeks, you will have them dried enough to smoke.

Though we covered all the steps here, growing Cannabis from seeds is something that you will perfect over time; and with practice! Find your own combination, and you’ll enjoy the journey.


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