Jesus- An Endearing Enigma or Misunderstood Character of Fiction

Some people might find this article an interesting read while others are going to trash it in the best way possible as they may feel their emotions being hurt because this topic is one of the most delicate and sensitive ones that you can find.

What makes a discussion interesting is the diverse set of opinions that are shared among one another so that all the viewpoints are taken into consideration so that a definitive conclusion can be reached.

Even though there are going to be disagreements due to difference of opinion, it still provides a healthy platform for sharing one’s thoughts at a broader scale and this article is going to follow the same lines albeit in a different manner because it pertains to a god or godlike figure in true sense.

The Beginning

Today’s topic is Jesus Christ about what he holds in the eyes of his devotees and non believers so that people that are not fully aware of his status aside from being a Christian god can get to understand the full picture of what he means to a significant population on this planet.

Jesus is believed to have been born in the first century while some other sources claim that he came into being around 6 BC or 3 BC and BC stands for the term ‘Before Christ’ while AD means ‘After Death’.

Nevertheless, his mother is Mary, who is said to be a virgin as she conceived her son through the holy spiritual power rather than through an act of love with her husband Joseph.

Due to the unique nature of his birth, he also possessed miraculous powers that nobody else did through which he attained a demigod status among his devotees while his mother was said to be a symbol of purity.

It is so because she was still a virgin due to her son’s divine birth and this is what has endeared both mother and son to Catholics across the globe that continues to this day.

Gospel Truth

Given the numerous arguments circulating surrounding the enigma that was Jesus Christ, he is called the son of god while more recent sources proclaim him to be the son of a man that is given in the gospel writings that date back to the 2nd century which people still revere by the way.

There is a Shincheonji church dedicated to Jesus and his followers in South Korea that is no less than a divine spot for worshipping him in his true form where devotees feel purified of all worldly matters and tensions by feeling a sense of deep bliss.

The gospel truth is that Jesus is neither son of man or god but takes the form that his true devotees give him, which is why he has become such an endearing figure to all his followers that love him.

Some may like him while others won’t but Jesus Christ is a figure that can never be ignored ever as his phenomenon continues to thrive even in this modern age where youngsters believe god to be nothing more than a figment of the imagination.