Escape From Tarkov: Things that Every New Player Should Know

One of the games that requires focus and seriousness is the Escape From Tarkov. If you consider yourself as a basic shooter in the gamer, then you might not want to consider yourself as suitable in the game. Aside from the classic WSAD control scheme, you also have to master the hotkeys and know how to depend on special perception as you shoot the enemies. The most important keys that you need to learn and remember at all times when playing the game are R for reloading, ALT+T to check ammo, TAB to see inventory and Shift + T to access the chamber. One of the challenges in the game is that these keys and options are not available on the screen while playing. In addition, you also have to physically check your ammo inside your weapons. Hence, doing this might be a life o death for you. So, as a new player, you have to ensure that you master and get comfortable with the key controls in the game. This could determine if you will be victorious or not. 

Building your fist loadout should also be considered in the game. Basically, before the game begins, you will get to select your loadout. Thus, it is crucial that you use the storage containers as these items won’t disappear in the event of player death. Always keep in mind that full magazines and pistols are essential in your survival. Full magazines should always be put inside your vest or pockets of your pants o you can use them in fast reloads. It is also important to equip your vest and a backpack to carry any loot that you will see and get as you play the game. You should also check the flea market so you will be able to get better scores.

Just like in any other games, looting is also crucial in Escape From Tarkov. Looting is your main way to get better gears and weapons and at the same time, it is also a platform where you can use your items  for trading inside of shops or eft shop. You should be mindful of the green chests that are littered around the raids because they might contain some decent military weapons and gears. You should also be aware of other sneaky players creeping up behind you while looting.

As a new player, it is also important that you are aware of the importance of extraction points. Basically, at the end of any raid in the game, you will need to look for the extraction point. Some of these exist openly while some of these require you to find a special key to activate a switch within the level. Most importantly, ate the end of the game, always practice discipline. Make sure to learn and study different maps and know your escape routes so you can have more chances of becoming successful in the game. Keep on learning and get more experiences.