Career Pick: Accountant

If you have not already heard, accounting is one of the hottest careers right now. So throw out that idea that this career is only for the “math whiz” or “geniuses.” Accounting can be a very rewarding and versatile career. If you have the drive and passion to go into this field, than it can be rewarding for you as well.

The basic idea of accountants is that they track a business or a person’s financial records. The jobs in accounting range from auditing, budget analysis to doing taxes. Here is more of a description of a few of the different paths you can take by being an accountant

Paths in Accounting


The financial statements of a company are monitored by auditors, who also audit the ledgers (retail sales, payrolls, etc.). There are two types of audits: internal (conducted by corporate employees) and external (a person from an outside firm). Audits ensure that the financial statements of the organization are truthful and correct. Additionally, you may enroll in classes like leadership management courses to offer yourself an advantage over others in your position if you envision working as an audit lead or chief audit executive (CAE) for a firm in the future.


Accountants who work on taxes help people or companies income statements. These accountants have a great understanding of tax codes and economics. There are many individuals and companies who work specifically in this field.

Budget Analysis

A budget analyst is someone who analyzes, develops, manages, and implements budgets for an organization. They help come up with new ways to make a company more efficient which then can help the company raise its profits. A budget analyst must make sure to know the objectives of the organization and follow regulations. Both public and non-profit companies benefit from a budget analyst.

Where you can Work

Here are the main places an accountant can end up working:

Public Accounting Firms

Companies that provide services such as audits, taxes, and budget analysis to different businesses, governments, or even individuals.


There is always the option of starting up your own business and working one-on-one with specific customers. More risky than working at a corporation, but can be highly rewarding. You may also try to do some account service in Singapore. Being an outsourced accountant is one of the highest paying online jobs. So if you want to earn money at home, this can be a great deal.


Much like work with big companies, accountants track budgets and costs and analyze them. It can have positive and negative effects on the public since it is in the public’s eye. It can also get political depending on financial reports.


Whether a company is big or small, they usually have an accountant or accounting group. A few of the things they help with is budgeting, taxes, financial statements, and tracking costs.

To sum up, the main focus of an accountant is tracking how a person/business spends their money and where that money goes. Besides just surfing the web for information talk to a school counselor or someone who works in the field. They can help you figure out if this career is right for you. You may be happy you did.